New brand of trainers called Streets

For my media coursework we looked at advertising. My task was to create a campaign for a new brand of trainers called Streets. I must decide upon a target audience for Streets and chose a model name. I should create a brand logo and then choose a typeface and design for the model name. I will also need to come up with a slogan for my adverts and consider carefully a unique selling point and I should also consider the key media concepts, representation, language, audience and institutions. I should identify my target audience and then create two print advertisements, one aimed and boys and the other aimed at girls, a television advert in a twelve square storyboard and write a script for a radio advertisement and record it.

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My product I was advertising was a pair of trainers called Blade. I chose Blade because it suits the target audience. The target audience is mostly aimed for teenage boys aged between thirteen and nineteen, but also aimed at a few girls also aged between thirteen and nineteen, not girly girls but tomboys. The unique selling point was that they could be used in two different ways, one way you could wear them is for sports the other way was casual everyday wear. I focused mostly on casual wear because mostly everybody has trainers they wear casually rather than for sports, but can still be used for sports.

Firstly my storyboard looks the way it does because some teenage boys are into graffiti so if they see this advert it attracts them and persuades them to buy the trainers. I represented the boy in my advert as somebody who thinks they are having fun. I used a close ups shot in my advert so you don’t see what he is graffiting till the end of the advert. I used the colour blue in my storyboard because blue is usually associated with boys.

Secondly I produced two print adverts one aimed for teenage boys and another aimed at teenage girls. The advert aimed at boys was very bright and blue and the advert aimed at teenage girls was very bright and pink. I chose the colours pink and blue because pink is usually associated with girls and blue is usually associated with boys. Both of my adverts were bright to catch people attention. Finally for my radio advert I kept it short and simple and gets straight to the point. I also used catchy music, which I created myself, so you remember it and stays in your head all day long.

For research I looked at Coca-Cola adverts in these advert they represented themselves as happy people who are having a good time. The colour they used for the logo was red and white, they used these colours because they contrast each other and make it stand out. Most of the images flowed through the page from top to bottom with the logo at the top then the bottle in the middle and the slogan at the bottom. In the television advert they used very catchy music, so you remember it, and the people in the advert were happy, they were also selling a lifestyle as well as the drink.

The good points about my advert are that they are persuasive and they sell to the target audience, the bad points was that it was saying that graffiti is fun and it would encourage more people to graffiti. One problem I had was that I originally based my television advert of somebody graffiting on a brick wall, since this is illegal I overcame this problem by him graffiting a plain white board. I wasn’t satisfied with my storyboard and the graffiti idea so if I had a chance to do it again I would definitely change it to something else.

I have been successful in creating a campaign that will appeal to my target audience because, teenage boys who like graffiting will be attracted to the advert which will persuade them into buying the trainers. I am not fully satisfied with my adverts because I didn’t use the digital camera and I didn’t use the computer for the storyboard but I am pleased that I got to record my radio advert.