Nokia corporation

To offer services based on world-class infrastructure, industry expert skills, rover process-oriented services operations that are backed by principles to ensure the world’s best way of delivering Infrastructure management solution. VISION: To serve customers with integrity through innovative, value for money solutions by applying thought day after day. s. No. Components Customer 2 Product and Service 3 Markets No 4 Employees 5 Concern for public image 6 Concern for survival 7 Philosophy 8 Self concept 9 Technology 3.

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List down for your company the: opportunities b. External threats c. Internal strengths d. Internal weaknesses. A. External Internal Strengths . Quality standards 2. Strong financial performance diversified operations. Internal Weaknesses 1 . Higher attrition 2. Dependence on mature markets 3. External Opportunities 1 . Strategic alliances 2. New global development centers 3. Growing consumer care market SO Strengths 2. WOO Strategies External Threats 1 . Changing laws,regulations & standards 2. Irrigation restrictions 3.

Exchange rate fluctuations SST Strategies WET Strategies 4. Performing an External Analysis for your company: Name of Your Company: Wiper External Forces The Major Opportunity or Threat Facing our company Economic Increase foreign investment, change in policies, exchange rate Social Immense intellectual capital Cultural Demographic Give equal employment opportunity for women Environmental Political Liberalizing, support of government policies towards free trade Legal Establishment of STEP Governmental Development of India software industry, In 1986 gobo. Announced a new software policy which is designed to serve as a catalyst for the software industry Technological Competitive HOC, -arcs 5. Such a strategy in its history. Try to find information on the success or failure of For ACH of the strategies listed below, identify whether your company implemented each strategy if it was used. Given its current situation, what strategies would you recommend for your company.

Previously implemented? Yes/ No Successful? Yes/No Recommended for future? Explain. Forward integration Yes yes Backward integration Specific focus on product life cycle management Market penetration Market development Product development helped customers to reduce their NIP timeliness and improve their revenues and profits generated by new products. Related diversification Unrelated diversification Retrenchment Divestiture Calculation