Nucor Corporation: Structuring

Enterprise mission: decentralization management concept, pay for performance for the benefit of employees, the equal benefits, customer service and quality to meet customer demand, leading technology, laity of survival, to the credibility of development Enterprise target: hope to make your company the best steel plant the highest efficiency, global quality, even in suffering from foreign competition by the iron and steel industry, also can do employee Job security, the development of the company thriving, while maintaining low cost to create the world’s first class.

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External opportunities: a huge market demand for development of the united States of America and even the whole world and the iron and steel industry: the development of iron and steel production genealogy of iron and steel industry: as an important component of the national economic development of heavy industry has good government policy support. Making Threats: Japan, South Korea and other countries of the continuous development In recent years has been to catch up with the United States, increasing competition, pose a threat to the united States of America enterprise development; other countries such as Germany.

Canada, the united States of America continue to occupy the market, also bring the competitive threat to the united States of America enterprise; due to the impact of economic crisis, make the world wide the economic nature; labor market in recent years the deterioration of labor relations has come from Chinese cheap labor and foreign low-cost energy competitive pressure also pose a threat to its development; worldwide overcapacity also makes the development of Iron and steel enterprises encounter bottleneck.

The growing demand for scrap metal, steel price fluctuations, but also poses a threat. Potential entrants: potential entrants are an important force of industry competition. Potential entrants into the ability to bring different degree of pressure would be the development of existing enterprises. New firms to enter the market will inevitably bring about the demands of the market share, increase the corresponding will bring the cost, thus the profitably of the industry In a certain period of time Is low.

According to the record, Its market potential entrants that Japan, Canada and some other Western European countries, the united States of America which rely on policy support rapid development, competition pressure on American Iron and steel industry. But we must see is the steel industry in the United States as a mature industry, raw material resources, and its own occupy the united States of America,

Germany and Japan, a large share of the market, the absolute leading position In technology and other aspects can not be overlooked, and the United States of development of steel industry in the United States will bring about competition, but can not shake the momentum of development and the development of American Iron and steel industry fundamentally. The bargaining power of suppliers: mainly by increasing input prices and reduce the unit value of existing enterprises in the industry’s profitability and competitive ability.

The steel industry steel suppliers are mainly from the mineral, energy and transportation, as the iron and steel industry costs are reflected in the output and other indicators, Incur and the whole steel industry in the United States has huge financial support and technical support, which can maintain the maximum with lower cost to create the greatest economic benefit.

The supplier most tend to maintain its good relations of cooperation and long-term retain customers, but due to the increasing market demand for scrap metal, also makes the steel prices and price fluctuations, which should arouse the button, and the United States steel industry attention. The bargaining power of customers: households for a supply of SST. Ability mainly depends on the number of users need the product quality and price, and the conversion cost. The company has long been a button, to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development as the principle, and through the development has now become the North American wire.

Screw steel, steel plate primary producers, second producers, third producers of steel structure, and its product positioning clear, both quantity and quality are in a leading position in the steel industry, customers are generally taught stable, to a large extent to meet customer needs. So buy house clients for a supply of SST. Ability does not have a greater impact on the American Iron and steel industry products, the products are mostly maintained price stability to supply all customers. The threat of substitutes: substitute is a mutual substitution effect product.

Substitute existence is the industry product prices maintained at a relatively low level, restricted the industry’s earnings. Steel due to its own weight restrictions, but in recent years, influenced by the car light, part of iron and steel material is light weight and good processing performance f non-ferrous metal and plastic products replaced. But the steel itself than the non- ferrous metal plastic products have stability, better quality, for the majority of the main industry is irreplaceable, the market can not be substitute fully occupied, but in some small car market will be threatened.

Existing competitors: the United States Department of iron and steel at present threat button larger competitors in addition to other iron and steel enterprises from the United States, and Japan, Canada and other countries of Western Europe. The United States of America enterprises due to read protection for their idea is hard to break into foreign market to occupy market share abroad, and foreign enterprises especially under the WTFO foreign enterprises due to the elimination of trade barriers that make it easier to break into the American market, and capture the market share in the United states.

Therefore, the existing competitors button company faces the threat of the greater threat. But its unique strategic perspective, relying on the button, using steady, low lift low to beat the strategy, market competition strategy to keep if positive depends on its management f courage and wisdom and vision management excellence, and advanced technology and equipment, combined with its very loyal degree of the staffs efforts, continue to high quality and low the cost of maintaining the absolute competitive advantage.

Incur Corporation managers have element sagacity, properly managed, have the courage to face pressure from all sides, the use of advanced and innovative management style, dare to go in front of the industry, the use of advanced technological processes and equipment; use of mechanization, reducing the number of employees and reduce the cost of enterprises: the steady strategy, do not be noxious for success, there are a clear positioning of their own products, have a positive and optimistic attitude.

But Incur Corporation was affected by the United States trade protectionism, enterprise development limited in China, and it is difficult to enter a foreign market; excessive spending time and money in the repair and maintenance of production line equipment parts; the work intensity of workers is great; but do not assume error on workers’ reward in a manner, so that employees can not correctly recognize the error and use their own, there are some drawbacks.