Organizational Behavior at Askari bank

The bank was founded in 1992, and in the 15 years since, its growth and success patterns have far outgrown industry standards. It is a matter of pride for Askari to be able to offer one of the widest arrays of products to its customers through its extensive branch network all over the country. Just like innovation brings improvement, and progress offers the promise of perfection. Askari bank is evolving, and its desire to grow with time coupled with its employee’s firm commitment to maintaining excellent standards of banking quality and services.

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International Division strives to place at the disposal of our branch network, efficient correspondent banking arrangements on global basis. The Legal Affairs Division is responsible for managing all legal matters pertaining to bank. Askari bank is committed to satisfy customer’s needs which must be fulfilled within a professional and ethical framework. It subscribe to a culture of high ethical standards, based on the development of right attitudes.

Askari bank believes in ‘core values’ as the essential and enduring tenets of the organization – the very small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts. They higher authorities give significant importance to all employees. The intrinsic values, which are the corner stones of Askari banks corporate behavior, are commitment, integrity, fairness, team-work and serviceThe main reason for this project was to analyze the behavior of the employees and manager in the Askari bank.

26 permanent and 4 contractual employees are working under the supervision of Branch Manager. The manager is working with this branch for 5 years. As he is academically able to perform the job and Askari bank fulfils his financial needs so he is working over here. The leadership style of manager in the Askari bank is a balance of both people oriented and task oriented leadership and because of this balance the employees are satisfied with their jobs and absenteeism, grievances and turnover is low.

The path-goal theory of leadership highlights four styles of leadership. Social sources of feedback include supervisors, clients, colleagues and project leaders. The feedback at Askari bank is only given by the supervisor means the branch manager for the employees working under the branch manager. The branch manager observes the employee’s behavior and performance throughout the year, and manager is the only person who fills the annual confidential reports of the employees on which the promotion, pay increments and other rewards depends.