Organizational Management

Anyway, internet is at everybody’s reach now. At the office, if doors can be closed, it is very common that people waste time doing stuff that they shouldn’t be doing, Like chatting or sending personal e-mails (Internal environment and technological environment). Unfortunately, like in this case, the trust given was not taken seriously and Henry used the company resources for personal things. What factors does Jasper need to consider when deciding on his course of action?

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It is difficult to predict what results would be obtained by the any of the choices Jasper dad (environmental uncertainty), but I think the first step is to think how important Henry is to the company, how willing Jasper is to start looking for someone to replace him and train him, etc. (labor market). He needs to consider Henrys relationship with customers, and that he might go to work with some competitors, taking all his experience and knowledge. I think he also needs to consider how important the policies in the company (corporate culture) are because whatever he does will set the example to the rest of the people.

If Henry means a lot to the company and Jasper goes not want to let him go, perhaps some kind of punishment like suspension without being paid for a couple of weeks or something else, and then if it happens again he will be fired, Just to send the message to the rest of the employees that anybody can get caught If not complying with the rules Inside the organization and be punished. Analyze ROI Grandee’s culture. In addition to the expressed cultural values and beliefs, what other subconscious values and beliefs do you detect?

I believe that there are Important values Like trust, friendship and honesty. Henry Is being honest explaining Jasper what happened. Yes, he made a mistake but he is asking for a second chance. There is trust since the internet is open and they do not block even the most dangerous places, thinking people will respect the policies. There is willingness to correct the damage since Henry Is opening and talking about his situation, although the situation he is going through is no excuse for behaving that way.

On the other hand though, Henry fired the girl since I understand she looked in his email and found out what he was doing. He got mad and fired her, and for some reason he believed that was k or that Jasper would not find out. Also, I think Jasper Is doing great In trying to set the example that he wishes to see Inside his company by being the example. He wants honesty so he is honest, he wants people to be cooperative so 1 OFF Are conflicting values present? Yes. He is firing her for not following the company policies but he was not doing it either.

He is being honest by saying why he was violating the policies but dishonest by violating the policies. Maybe Jasper himself is facing the conflicting ideas of wanting everybody to follow the company rules but hesitating to fire him. It is indeed a complicated situation. When values are in conflict, how would you decide which ones take precedence? I would probably see which ones benefit the company more, and I would decide on those. For example, Henrys belief is that watching pornography is k, as it is for a lot of people.

The problem is that it was a strict rule that the company resources were to be used for business only and not for personal things. Using the resources for only company business maintains people focused and saves money as electricity and internet are being used to generate profit. Therefore, it is more beneficial for the company to use them for business purposes only. Assume you are Jasper. What are the first two action steps you would take to handle the Henry Dragger situation? I would analyze the pros and cons of having Henry in the company.

Sometimes we don’t realize things as well as when they are written, for example. If he offers a lot to the company, as I said before, and I don’t want to let him go, I would need to think of the consequences of keeping him especially because I have some value companies that I don’t want to ruin. I would like to have stability within my organization but I would also like employees to know that there are uniqueness, in different sizes, Just like in life in general. But flexibility is also a good thing and we never stop learning and growing.

I would also like people in my company to know that we do our best but mistakes are made because we’re human. Secondly, after I decide if I want to keep Henry or let him go, I will talk to him and let him know why I am keeping him or not, and what are the consequences of what he did. I would be straight forward and clear, either way. How would your role as a cultural leader influence your decision? It would influence it greatly because I want to set a good example to those who are part of my reparation. I personally think that there are great things in each of the four types of corporate cultures.

However I like the achievement culture if I need to choose one. I think my idea of giving Henry a second chance fits in here, as the objective is to obtain results. Yes, part of it is the way we do it but what he did, I think, deserves some kind of yellow card’. If he gives the results we need, if he is a valuable worker, we want to keep him. He can pay some price and think about what he did and understand that his personal computer at home is the one to be used for personal things. The office is not for that.

What message will your solution send to the other managers and rank-and-file employees? The message would be that anybody can get caught, and that it’s a good this price that he will have to pay (suspension with no salary or something like that), but now that everybody is aware and we have emphasized the importance of following the rules, another fault to the rules will not be accepted. I don’t think Henry, in case everybody gets to know what he was doing (supposing the girl who was fired tells someone and the information spreads) would want to continue working there, anyway.