Overview of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Found in 1989, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APACE) is one of the latest organizations that have been establishment mainly for the purpose of promoting and facilitating free trade in different countries belonging to the Asia-Pacific region. The organization that started with twelve members has been growing and demonstrating several benefits in different areas. The main goal or aim of the entity is to facilitate the economic growth of its member countries by helping them achieve free trade, as well as an investment practice among themselves.

Working with a number of small groups, committees and councils, APACE has annual meetings with its members to decide on future plans and to look into the statuses of the existing plans and initiatives. The organization currently has a total of twenty one members, which include countries like the United States, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand etc. And is expected to grow further to several other countries. One of the main areas in which APACE works is the liberalizing of trade.

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It aims at reducing and minimizing the trade barriers that exist between its member countries o facilitate trade so that higher international trade and can occur for better and faster economic developments of these countries. This has been one of the major agendas of the cooperation and it has also been successful to a great extent. In addition to the removal of trade barriers, APACE also plans to increase the business transactions that happen across these countries. When two economies have stronger business relations, their growth are shown to be higher and they are shown to demonstrate higher economic growth and development.

And hence, the organization is trying to build a stronger global industrial sector. Not only does APACE wants to facilitate business and trade growth, it also wants to make Asia-Pacific a free trade zone or region. The main objective behind this idea is to give an opportunity to the existing underdeveloped and developing economies to grow further and contribute towards global economy. Thus, we see that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has been mainly designed to facilitate the economic transactions and exchanges taking place between different countries.

While the entity works in different directions, its main goal is to increase he growth in the Asia-pacific region by removing some barriers and make the region much easier and open to economic changes that can facilitate development and growth. Overview of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation By Colossal that the member countries already have but the main agenda seems to overcome the shortcomings. With the developments that have already taken place with the help of APACE, it can be said that the countries would be witnessing higher growth as compared to earlier. Reference: http://colossal . Com/homework-help/international-economics-homework-help/