People only work for money?

Going to work is one of the most important day to day activities many people do in the world, it’s a part of who you are, it’s a part of security, it’s a part of life. Having a job can be the most exciting and wonderful experience a person can have, where they can leave their problems at home and do what they enjoy and do best. On the other hand having a job and going to work five days a week every week can be a chore and can turn in to something a person can hate and start to despise.

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In this assignment I will be commenting on whether “People only go to work for money? ” I will be explaining the possible outcomes and whether they are true to what they mean. Do people go to work for the money? I feel that there are two possible answers for this question; I feel motivation and group behaviour is mainly involved and to some point leadership, theses roles help us as humans make our own opinions about our work life and how we feel.

Motivation is a key aspect in the work place, motivation in a job makes people want to work because they feel motivated by their employees or the business they work for. Motivation is an important issue within an organisation; positive motivation between colleagues produce positive outcomes for the business and workers involved. In 1943 a psychologist named Abraham Maslow researched on why people went to work and he discovered and created the Maslow hierarchy of needs, he found this mainly on the motivational side of work.

The hierarchy of needs is a basic triangle divided into five layers of what peoples needs are. The top layer consists of “Self Actualisation” at the top which is the main goal and involves mortality, creativity, problem solving, and lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts. The forth layer is “Esteem” which involve self esteem, confidence, achievements and respect, moving downwards to the third layer which is the middle layer its called “Love/Belonging” this layer involves such needs as friendship, family and sexual intimacy.

The forth layer which is moving even more down the triangle is “Safety”, the need for security, whether it be body, employment, family or health. Finally at the bottom of the triangle is “Physiological” which involves breathing, food, sleep and water. The basic concept is that the higher needs in the hierarchy triangle only come into focus once all the needs that are lower down in the pyramid are mainly or entirely satisfied by the person or employer (Maslow, A. H. (1943). A Theory of Human Motivation. Psychological Review, 50, 370-396).

On the motivational point of going to work Maslow theory shows that some people depending on their position in the triangle have to work as some of them don’t, it just depends how they position them selves on the pyramid and what they want in the future. For example some people are positioned in the pyramid in the safety layer and only go to work for the security, this may be because they have family to support or bills to pay, so basically this person only goes to work for the security of being able to provide for themselves and others so its most likely that this type of person only goes to work for the money.

Whereas a person positioned on the Esteem position on the pyramid goes to work not just for the money but for the achievement and respect they get from there company. Most people go to work through motivation because they are motivated by others this method makes them want to go work not just for the money but because they feel as if they belong to the business and they and their skills are important to the company.