Personal strategies and challenges of an employee working

My main role at BAA Heathrow during this placement was as income accounts administration assistant. I was responsible for reporting to the income accounts manager and department. Under this role the main duties and responsibilities of mains were to assist the income accounts manager and department with all administrative task. This involved photocopying important documents for the income accounts department staff.

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These included documents such as invoices, credit notes, letters, memos, notices, which would have either been used internally by the income accounts department or other departments or sent externally to other organisations. The information on these documents was very confidential so a high level of professionalism was required. Sending faxes to other departments within Heathrow Airport Limited, airlines and other organisations that operate out of Heathrow Airport Limited. A high level of accuracy was required to make sure that faxes were sent to the right organisations and people.

I was also asked to word process documents such as memos and letters to be sent within other departments at Heathrow Airport Limited. I found this responsibility very enjoyable and interesting, as I loved working on computers. I was also required to use the microfiche system to retrieve important invoices and credit notes or files for the income accounts staff. This I found very challenging as I had never used this before but I learned quickly and was confident to use microfiche once I was experienced in doing so.

I was introduced to using the emailing system on the computer which I found highly technological as it was away of sending data via a phone line efficiently I was required to send email to other airlines trying to chase up invoices and payments. The role required me to also answer calls for the income accounts manager and take down any messages if required there was also a requirement by my role as administration assistant to carry out mailing duties such as franking and stuffing envelopes.

This responsibility I found very tiring and boring but I made the effort to try and make sure that all the envelopes had been packed and sealed. The income accounts manager thought I did well in this task as most the other staff required to do did not work as effective and efficiently as me. Application of learned theory Before I had started this placement I had learned and gained a wide range of theory and knowledge. This theory and knowledge was put into good use during my placement.

I had learned a lot of knowledge whilst at college about using computers and word processing which I made good use of when asked to word process letters and memos for the income accounts manager. I had also learnt about customer care, which I put to good use when dealing with both internal and external customers especially when communicating in person and on the telephone. I had also gained knowledge about organisational structure and team working this helped me a lot whilst on my placement as I knew who I was reporting and who my managers were and how to work within an effective team to get work done.

Personal development during placement including development of specific skills During my placement at BAA Heathrow I have learnt a wide range of skills and qualities and I was very willing to learn these. I developed good Information Technology and administrative skills by using the following: word processing packages, drawing packages, microfiche system, multifunction photocopiers, fax machines, printers and the Internet. I also developed skills in when to use my own and initiative and to what extent when asked to do carry out a responsibility.

I found myself to be more committed to my work at BAA Heathrow and made sure that I gave my full attention to all work I did. I adapted well to my role as administrative assistant as I had carried out administrative duties in the past and whilst at BAA Heathrow I was simply making use of these of these skills and was developing them further. I gained skills in working as part of a team as at the time I was working at BAA the department had assigned a team to collect credit falling due to them from airlines which was outstanding for a long time.

I was asked to provide administrative support to this team and during my placement there the team work well to collect about 75% of the outstanding debt off these airlines for airport landing and take off fees. I gained new communications skills via face to face, written, telephone and electronic methods, whilst communicating with external organisations and internally with colleagues and management. Another major skill I learnt was time keeping skills and from day one I adopted a good time keeping skills.

I also further developed my customer service skills by observation of the other administrative assistant whilst they were answering call phones or carrying out duties. Reflection on own future in the sector/industry Although the tourism industry is highly volatile and can highly be affected by external negative forces I feel that as soon as these forces turn to positive ones tourism once again flourishes. As I personally plan on becoming a travel agent and tour operator and then maybe later on go on to teach in tourism maybe at Higher education level I feel that my future my be a successful one in the tourism industry.

I think that when I hopefully open my own travel agency and tour operating business a high level of innovation is required time to time to keep on top of things. Overall my placement at BAA Heathrow has had a huge positive impact on the way I work and operate, as I was fairly young when I carried out my placement there. I have been able to adopt all that I have experienced and learned throughout all the work I have done since then both educational and through employment elsewhere.