PEST analysis

Funding for HAL matching expense. (Not covered for both parties). 2. Relatively high number of uninsured patients (?18%). 3. Patient caregiver needs lot of time off Severity of the disease. 4. High non- medical costs. Mom economy economy trends overseas economies PEST analysis By gamma general taxation taxation specific to product/services seasonality issues market/trade cycles specific industry factors market routes trends distribution trends customer/end-user drivers interest/ exchange rates international trade and monetary issues epistyle trends demographics consumer attitudes and opinions media views law changes affecting social factors brand, company, technology image consumer buying patterns fashion and role models major events and influences buying access and trends ethnic/religious factors advertising and publicity ethical issues Social 1.

Parents availability for transplant Acute Care Vs. Chronic care alternatives 2. Parents refusal 3. Patients education w. r. To Severity of the disease 4. 5 Not many big campaigns/ celebrity 6. Post grafting complications. 7. Physicians (GAP ) awareness Technological 1. FDA clearance endorsement. 2. Not enough technology for better forecasting the severity of disease 3.

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Can’t predict risks due to transplantation (egg: Gave ) competing technology development research funding associated/dependent technologies replacement technology/solutions maturity of technology manufacturing maturity and capacity information and communications consumer buying mechanisms/technology technology legislation innovation potential technology access, licensing, patents intellectual property issues global communications