Pest analysis

Analysis and Sector Study of Russia” Today we are at the door step of 21st century. The world is widening without having New and new developments are coming these days in all fields all over India to make the people life more comfortable and luxurious. The industries are growing so fast in India in order to satisfy all the needs of people. Similarly Gob. Has supported to these companies for their development and progress of private companies. Practical Study plays a vital role in the field of education.

It has been introduced for the dents to get practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge; only bookish an ledge is not the right way of learning anything especially for the management students. How management principles are implemented in business can only be known through practical study through visit, students can be berry well become ware about industrial environment like problem, opportunities, different situations etc. This helps the students for better understanding & gives then a chance to show their skills & ability.

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According to the above reviews our Gujarat Technological University has included GIG bal Country Report & viva of it, With a view to expand our boundaries of thinking about implications of the theoretical knowledge in practical field, We have preferred Russia l. We are supposed to work on ? Pestle Analysis and Sector Analysis It is a matter of great pleasure to present this report work. Thus in order to survive in the market one should have theoretical as well as Practical knowledge about all different fields prevailing in market.

Executive Summary As pest analysis By jinrikisha toweled a socialist economy by nationalizing all , it undergoes a slow gar oath of producing knowledgeable entrepreneurs, industries tater its Independence engineers, managers, administrators & technicians. Growth of in agro industries is because of its rich detail fertile land that depends on its manifold harvests & six seasons also on. The country’s industrial base remains very positive. The service sector has developed rapidly during last twenty years.

The legislative & regulatory cacti ones to deal with financial irregularities & poor governance of the financial sector are developing over time to gather the increasing protection needs of the consumers. The following measures may be considered as part of on owing efforts to expand financial infrastructure & improve the security & soundless of the financial sector. Economists said that it will be wise on the part of the government to expand the existing social safety net. Economists said a controlling system can be launched in the r rural areas to overcome the crisis.

The New Deal programmed for workers aged Twenty five plus has been running for a short of time period. Nonetheless less than 15% of participants have moved into employment. In some areas only one human being in ten has a accepted through the programmed into either a subsidized Job or non subsidized employment. In the first part of GAR we have included the PESTLE Analysis of Russia Country to know the overall development of In the second part of GAR we have included the study of various sector in like Automobile, Telecommunication , Banking, Insurance, Agriculture and Petroleum had also compared with Indian Economic states.

We found that they are little bit underdeveloped country then In did. Index sir. No. Particulars Page Preface Executive Summary Part PESTLE Analysts of 1. 1 Political Analysis 1. 2 Economical Analysis 1. 3 Social Analysis 1. 4 Technological Analysis 1. 5 Legal Analysis 1. 6 Environmental Analysis 2 Sectarian Study of Sector Banking Telecommunication Automobile Insurance Part 1 PESTLE Anal his Political Analysis of Russia: In the 13th century, a weakened and fragmented Kiev was overrun by a Mongol attack.

The Mongol occupation, which lasted until 1480, provided the environment for a new state, Muscles, to come out and hide Kiev. The 18th century ended with another powerful sovereign, Catherine II (the Great, r. 1762 96), who further extended the empire & attempted political & social reform. By the 1st half of the 19th century, Russia was one of the most powerful countries in Europe. In 9 years as president of Russia (1991 2000), Yelling oversaw a baffled alteration that ended the power of socialism and brought uneven reforms in the economic, political, & social realms.