Pestel analysis

Social factors includes attitude of people, cultural aspects and certain demographic factors like age distribution, income, etc. Now there is rapid growth in the arbitration and it is up to 40% also there in an increase in per capita income. After considering these social factors, in order to capture the new entrants and to increase the consumer base Marti Suzuki needs to launch new models. While introducing new models company also need to understand changing life styles and changing references of of urban consumers.

The new launch sedan ‘CIA’ is an example that the company is responding to the changing demands of the market. – As Marti Suzuki is a market leader it is very much careful about its research and development. This is the factor that enables company to retain its market share and leading position. The Marti Suzuki decision to open new R&D plant with an investment of RSI. 2000 core at Roth, Harridan is an indication that how much it is careful about its R&D.

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Marti Suzuki launched 36 new and refreshed models, 5 models Witt company edited CNN variants, model using I-Gap technology etc. These fact indicates that technology helps Marti Suzuki to introduce new features and to attract customers. Such kind of technological advancement enables company to take competitive advantage. In addition the Gobo. of India also promoting National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure. The technological advancement not only improves Marti Suzuki products and production process but also makes easy o collect customer feedback and to figure out their expectations from the company.

Environmental factors include ecological and environmental factors like weather, climate, etc. Marti Suzuki is not directly affected by changes in external environment but still it changes its products and processes to protect the natural environment. It is the 1st automobile company in India to register clean development mechanism with UNFROCK, so now company can earn traceable carbon credits. Almost Marti Suzuki all small cars, sedans, hatchbacks comply with LEVEL norms.