Planning for enterprise

I have decided to open an Asian Restaurant in the City of Wolverhampton. The restaurant will be named ‘Sunny’s Indian Restaurant’. There is a lot of demand for Asian foods as more and more people in the UK are eating out in Asian restaurants. The distinctive feature that my restaurant will have will be that we will serve it as fast food. This appears to be a growing industry as more and more people are comforting in having takeaway meals as main meals such as dinner and evening meals as well as snacks.

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This business will be set up as a Sole Trader with two friends of mine named ‘Parmjit Padda’ and ‘Vicky Mattu’. Parmjit Padda is a well-known chef in India and has also won the best Asian Chef award in 2002. Parmjit already has the skills of a chief and also knows how to manage a restaurant, he will be giving the necessary training to me and my future employees. My Indian Restaurant undertaking is to provide the customer the finest Asian meal and Take-away experience. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we hold on to this saying, everything else will fall into place.

Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. My location selection criteria are critical to success (Location, Location, Location), if I don’t have a good location there would be no point of my business to start up. I have considered the following suggestions in order for my company to succeed. Part time job at Safeway Petrol Station- my duties involve me to deal with customers at the checkout, make sure that the environment is safe for customers to use and clean up. This job helps me to be more confident and it also helps me to overcome my shyness.

Part time job at KFC- my duties were to prepare food, deal with customer complaints and clean up. I learnt a lot of skills when I worked at KFC they showed me how to deal with various types of customers and how to prepare food. Part time job at Safeway my duties were to stack shelves, help customers and to serve customers. During 1999 I did School work experience at Argos Superstore-duties were to help customers, deal with customer complaints, giving customer refunds, helping with customer purchases, helping with the stock and cleaning up.

I also had a part time job at Mir Textiles the shop focused on ready-made suites and Indian dresses. During 1998 I did a Schoolwork experience project. I completed the work experience and gained valuable skills at Wombourne Leisure Center-Duties included looking after the cri?? che, keeping pool temperature normal, checking the Gym and setting up a football Party for customers. Also I had a part-time job at Padda Fish Shop in bilston-my duties were to serve customers and help with telephone orders. I wish to carry on studying to help broaden my career.

I am hopping to complete my University course so that I can obtain a Degree at the end of my University life. I also wish to improve my skills and I think that I will be able to at Wolverhampton University. I love doing computer work. I have a variety of computer skills for example I can design my own Internet page. I know how to use lots of different programs for PC’s for example Microsoft word 94/98/2000/Xp, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Access and various small programs such as WinZip, Gozila and others.