Position Paper on sustainable Development

However, the development of the clean amenable energy technologies Is still at the preliminary stage. Looking at the Russian’s stars for base and current year, one can see the decrease of the star’s area. It is caused by reduction of carbon and energy related pollutants. Other indicators remained almost the same. However, the decrease In GOGH and polluting gases emissions is not caused by the country meeting sustainability goals, but by a general decrease in energy production In Russia after 1990.

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Russia has only started to revive after a deep economic crisis which it inherited from the Soviet Union. Russia is still far from reaching the sustainability goals set by SEW on carbon emissions, ambient pollutant emissions, energy productivity, investments in clean energy and renewable energy deployment. Russia performs poorly on the indicators for carbon emissions per capita, energy intensity, deployment of clean and renewable energy technologies and investments into clean energy technologies.

The Increase In GAP and energy production after 000 led to the respective Increase of GOGH emissions and pollution. The negative impact on the environment is increasing. All these factors present a big problem for achieving sustainability. Russia is signatory to several policy documents like the – Energy Strategy, Ecological Doctrine, Concept of Sustainable development, Concept of National Security, Kyoto Protocol commitments etc. Russia has taken several measures to combat the above problems.

The biggest measure is to use the countries huge renewable energy resources (geothermal, solar, mind, ocean energy and biomass energy). Technical potential of renewable energy sources (REST) Is about 4. 6 billion etc; approximately five times more than the current total energy consumption. Russia Is putting Its best foot forward to harness these forms of energy to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. The measures put forward in the ROI+20 conferences also earned the country praises from Ban-Ski-Moon.

The Russian Federation suggests the following measures to adopt sustainable placement: To harness renewable energy resources thereby bringing down the use of fossil fuels leading to reduction in carbon emulsion. Countries should take Annihilates to secure the active participation of local governments In the adoption of for sustainable development should be built on built on existing policies and programmed enabling convergence, complementarily and coherence Indicators should be developed into strategies to monitor and evaluate the processes, track progress, capture lessons, and signal if there are any deviation.