Potential Lasermax Target Market

To investigate the setting up of a Lasermax in my local area, with emphasis on the target market. Introduction: Laser Tag is a non-violent, non-health endangering, interactive game. Generally there are 2 teams of 2-32 players depending on the size and design of the play arena. Each player wears a vest with sensors on the front, back and shoulders. The vest is attached to a phaser that fires a harmless laser beam. Players accumulate points by tagging other players, tagging the home base of the opposing team, and by tagging mines and interactive targets.

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In the game, players have a pre-programmed number of lives or energy level. If they are tagged several times or run out of energy, they do not fall out of the game, they just need to replenish their lives or shots at the recharge station (optional). Number of shots, lives and many other variables can easily be changed to suit the needs of players with different experience levels. In a team format game, the object is to defend your team home base by not letting the other team reach the sensor inside the base. At the same time the team must focus on penetrating the opposing teams home base. Players should tag as many opponents as possible to accumulate points.

The action lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes in a 1,000 – 4,000 sq. ft. maze like, themed arena. The play arena is darkened with black lights, special effects lights, fog, and loud adrenaline pumping music. Running, climbing, and touching are not allowed. One or two employees called “game masters” or “marshals” monitor game play in the arena, helping players to learn the game and follow the rules. At the end of the game each player receives a scorecard. The scorecard is a computer printout with all the statistical information about the game. It shows the winning team, highest personal score, players own score, shooting accuracy, number of shots fired, who the player tagged and how many times, and how many times the player was tagged and by who.

Throughout this coursework, I have assumed that all the cash needed to keep the business running is supplied. It is also assumed that the location has already been provided for me (Based on the questioned’s wants, and available land). Theoretical Background: ooking at my results, I have noticed that my business would be a success in the Jordanian market, especially with the youth in Jordan. The following are the analysis of the answers of the previously shown questionnaire results:

Question 1: While looking at my results, and my graph, I have noticed that 80 out of 100 of the people asked were very interested in a place for laser tag, the majority of whom were pre-teenagers. However, some of them did not know what it was, therefore, explained it to them using the explanation located in the introduction. Hence with this given information it is clear that there is a major want for such a place in western Amman, however, before Lasermax opens, we must educate the market on this product. Also, with the correct advertising, it is possible to change the minds of the minority who are not interested in such a product.

Also, the fact that mostly pre-teenagers were interested in the product, this is probably because it is them whom have least responsibilities in life, so they, naturally will have more time for entertainment. Also, due to the rapidly changing minds of today’s youth generation, some may think it “uncool”, to play such a game, and might see it as childish. The only way to change that opinion is once again with proper education and advertising.

Question 2: The question involves gender. The majority of those interested in the product were males, and one female. This is not a surprising result. Males would like such a form of entertainment due to its violent essence. Also, it is males that tend to like such games in their pre-teenage years. An overlooked fact was that of “tom boys”, this minority could prove to be an important figure in my results. However, the reason most females disliked such entertainment, is because by nature, they are peaceful human beings with no attraction to war games. This issue may prove to be a handicap in such a business as mine, because, Laser tag should be a game enjoyed by both sexes, it is a game similar to “hide and seek”. So, with the correct, and effective advertising, I believe that both genders will learn to enjoy Laser tag once they try it for the first time.

Question 3: When asked, all the people that were interested had a preference as to where Lasermax should be built. The most popular response was Abdoun. This is probably so, because Abdoun is the main center of entertainment for most of the Jordanian youth (the people interested). This would also prove to be an effective location, because it is located in the “better-off” area of west-Amman, so the people who visit Lasermax from that area would have quite a lot of money to spend, as opposed, to a not so “well-off” person, who would not waste his family’s money on entertainment. However, there is one handicap in having Lasermax built in Abdoun, and that is the cost of land, nevertheless, that is not the issue in discussion because I am assuming that the land has been provided to me.

Question 4: The majority of people interested were willing to pay 6JD and above, and the average of this general price band was 8JD for an hour of game time. This fact is most probably because, when people hear the term “laser”, they instantly think “expensive”, and then they begin to relate and compare prices with the only existing form of multimedia entertainment in Jordan (computers), which is 3JD’s per hour, to reach a fair price to them. This price would prove to be extremely successful assuming a reasonable amount of people visit.

Question 5: The majority of the people interested in attending Lasermax were ready to visit it 7 times a month. That is approximately 2 times every 5 days, and that means (referring to the pre-teenagers who are the majority) two times every weekend. However, this figure is inaccurate because the people questioned over looked the fact that there is the summer holiday, and that they may visit Lasermax, much more during that period of time.

Question 6: Since Laser tag is a team game, those whom are interested must bring a team to play with, and by looking at my results, I have noticed that the majority of people want to bring with them a team that is made of more than 7 people. This is due to the fact that the more people that are playing, the more fun the game will be, and it is obvious that people are aware of that fact. This procedure could also save a lot of money on advertising, because it is advertising in itself.

Question 7: Most of the people interested in going to Lasermax are willing to spend 4 to 6 hours on average, per visit. This figure, is also, inaccurate due to the fact that the questioned do not know what the game would be like, however, the purpose that this question serves, is showing me how excited the potential consumer (target market) is towards the opening of Lasermax.

Question 8: The next question was straightforward, and very revealing. Asking if the questioned thought that Lasermax would be a successful business. When the results are looked at, they reveal that even the people who were not interested in the Lasermax project said that it would be a success in the Jordanian market. Once again, as stated before, this is because there is a gap in the market for such a fresh, new, exciting product, which would be a definite success.

Question 9: Most of those interested would visit Lasermax more during the holidays, this is a straightforward answer. However, a surprising result was that most of the rest of the people that were questioned chose to answer ‘Weekdays’ (this was a close percentage to ‘holidays’), this is probably due to the fact that the Pre-teenagers (the majority of those interested), do not have as many studies and responsibilities as the other age groups that were interested.