Power of the Food Industry

The food industry became so powerful that it is not possible for a person to try to sue them because of the issue people are facing. As we saw In the movie Food, Inc. , companies in the food industry want so much power that they went even by create the GM, and this only one thing the other thing Is now politics, many government’s head were before politics in the food industry, another way to expand their power.

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We are all aware of the way everybody in America want their food, cheap and obviously a lot, but when it come to the situation where the food is responsible for he death of someone, It become very difficult to speak up, either you get In trouble by the company you want to sue, either your voice is not heard and most of the time you are not hear at all because the responsible in the food industry do not feel like they are guilty. The food justice is mainly about how the food that we are all eating is grown, manufactured, distributed and sold.

The food industry in the United States Is very big, making the heads of the food companies bigger and richer despite the effects of the food they produce on the population. In this essay we will be arguing bout the food industry and its effect on us, what we eat and what the market price of the food Is. America’s food Industry Is very powerful because everybody has to feed themselves so making food available became a priority so big that quality do not matter most of the time.

The right of having healthy food and know what you are eating on a daily basis, what are you shopping in the supermarkets, what do you find In your plates is If I can say, the food right. But Instead, the companies In the food Industry are hiding the truth about our food, saying It Is organic or produced In arms, but all this speculation are just lie and we know that. We cannot do anything against that because we want cheap food, but not bad for our health, and this the thing that company does not care about, but their wealth and power Instead.

Consumers have the right to know what Is In their food, Food Justice Is the fact that people have to know. What we eat has a big impact on our lives and health, it is either spend more to eat healthy or less Just to eat and close our eyes on the quality of what we have in our plates. The food is definitely a need as human the United States food Industry brought a lot of restaurant and fast food to life, restaurant are sometimes expensive because of the high quality of the food but, this is not all of the restaurant, fast food is mainly about serving a lot of food that can fill up our stomach for very cheap than the price in a restaurant.

Those are the difference of how food appear on the market. They are places out there where we can eat for cheap, for example in New York, there are enough restaurants and fast food that a person can rely on to feed itself for several years without going to the same place twice, this is age and is a very important data. Nowadays, not much people have time to cook at home, so why waste your time and certainly money by trying to cook at home when 1 OFF cheaper than if they were made at home!

Only because eating healthy food means, buy much more than eating on the average scale or Just normal food. Natural product are much expensive whether it is vegetable or fruit, as depicted in the “Food Inc. ” movie, a broccoli in a supermarket have a price so high that no one want to afford for it because it cannot even be enough for a family, on the other hand there re fast food where you can have a meal much cheaper in some restaurant or with expensive ingredients, or a six or seven dollars meal with drink that fill you up for maybe a day.

This situation only exist because of the fact that food corporation or companies made the food system much dependable on fast food or regular food that we do not want to spend a lot for less, we rather want to spend less and get a lot because healthy and natural food is kind of a luxury because of the high prices of the ingredients. The food system and their connections to health and environment is ally important because of the treatment of the animals the environment matter too in the subject of healthy food. Generally, animal raised in farms or factory do not really have a good living condition, or sanitary.

Since, as we know, the animals like chicken, pork and cows are being fill up with protein that will make them bigger, greasy and more likely to be sold quickly and at a price that will give the companies a profit. Whether the proteins are good for the animals or not does not really matter because money rule the game, why taking one, two or three months to grow a chicken f you can fill its food with protein and make them big enough in three weeks, that is why industries make the food market full of food with protein to meet our demand of food.

In fact the population’s demand make the companies doing everything they want to produce food to Just meet the quantity we want in our plates, mostly without the quality. In his essay Michael Pollen also depicted a lot of fact that involves the food industry, whether it is to say the effects of our food on our health or what diet we should have or our responsibility in choosing to eat healthy food.

As he said in his essay “Unhappy Meals”, “nutrients themselves had been around, as a concept, since the early 19th century, when the English doctor and chemist William Proud identified what came to be called the “microinstructions”: protein, fat and carbohydrates. ” Our food is mainly constituted of many nutrients that the consumers are not even aware of and what they are supposed to do to our bodies. The food industry is much powerful than we think. The bigger the companies are the more they can rule the food industry, for example the company Monsanto case in Indiana that was about the reaction of a new kind of beans that had created.

Certainly not all farmers were for this but they all had to work with this new kind of bean Monsanto put all around the fields. Monsanto succeeded in implanting their new product in Indiana seeds fields making farmers defenseless in trying to avoid the use of this G. M. O (Genetically Modified Organism) if I can say. Now certainly all farmers are cultivating Monsanto seed fearing to lose whether their farm or a court case that had already happened where the company came out winner.

The food industry in America is playing a big role in the millions of people lives, by producing food for them and supplying many supermarkets that sell the food, like they show on the boxes of the products, “Organic food” or “Produced in a farm”, most people think it is really farm produced food, unfortunately it is not. We have to do going to make everybody think the food they eat safe, but we all know that is not true, the only alternative for us to feel secure with our food is by making home cooked meal, growing a garden or shop often in the farmers markets in view of a healthier diet in our lives.

Michael Pollen mostly specified what we should all eat and what it is real food. Most of the foods claiming to be healthy are most likely to be not really healthy or even not even healthy. By fear of being sick because of the food, Nutritionist ideology came to make people much pay attention to the ingredients of what their food is composed of. The most people do not want to be sick, therefore some of them take advantage of their fear of bad food to implant ideology like the Nutritionist that is supposed to give a better and healthy diet.