Practical need for economy

Lay out of the Orange phone company is very effectual and clear; as the top heading of the page is written in the small case to draw the reader attention, the word “latest” suggesting that mobile phones are not just new, they are unique. The slogan “direct to your door” is also in the small case and makes reader to feel comfort and happy; as they would not even have to go to the shop to buy the mobile phone, they can order and will be delivered to their home. Colourful pictures of the mobile phone highlight their beauty and quality and bring the text to life.

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The short description underneath of each mobile phone is easy to read and allow information to be absorbed quickly by skimming. Long panel on the right of the page provides the list of important facts with the symbols that have an effect on the target audience’s mind. Also the eye catching logo at bottom right hand side stresses that these mobile phones are not only related from Orange Phone Company, they also related from the Small Talk Company, which makes audience over confident.

The bigger font size is been used to write down the free phone number at the bottom of the page because it makes public feel glad as they can order on the phone without having any call charges. The layout of the second advert is different from the first one because it only has central image of one mobile phone and the eyes surround focusing on the superior feature of the phone and catches the audience intentions.

The text is also adjust in different way as it is been adjust in the first advert because in this advert there is only a brief description is given about the features of the mobile phone in the bottom panel and didn’t talk about the price and any free extras. The website and phone number is given for the audience to contact the company. The phone number which is given in this advert is not free, which may not impress to the public very much. The language of the advert from the Orange phone company is persuasive and impressive like they used the imperatives which asking the reader to do something “Call now”.

The word “latest” is the example of the superlative language. It realises the audience that these phones are the best in the world. The use of the “14 day money back guarantee”, “direct to your door”, “secure online shopping direct from our website” are the examples of the claims and promises language to satisfy the reader that there is no any risk purchases. There word “FREE” is an example of the enticing language repeated throughout the advert. It entices the audience by appealing to their practical need for economy.

Advertiser used the repetition language throughout the advert like “New” and “Free” that have an effect on the target audience’s mind. In the advert 2 advertiser used the sentences like “Downloading the WAP features” to inform the audience about the latest features of the mobile phones. The use of the “Let’s make thing better”, “Take a closer look” is an example of the superlative language which asking the audience in a friendly mood to buy the phone. “As colourful as you are” is an example of the simile used to increase the morale of the audience to buy the mobile phone.

Advertiser in the advert1 trying to convince the audience to buy the mobile phones; having used the superlatives, imperatives, repetition, logo and so on, which effects on the audiences mind and compel them to buy the mobile phone and in the advert2, advertiser used also the logo, caption, slogan to persuade the public to buy the mobile phone which the Philips company is offering. Both advertiser achieve their response, as the audience impresses from the adverts and buy the mobile phones.