Presentation of e-Marketing Plan Proposal

Develop a plan for a company that is not currently online, but wants/needs a web resent can be a company you work for; a site you would like to develop for a business owned by a relative/friend/colleague; or another company that requires a web presence 2. Develop a plan for a company with a specific existing site that you wish to examine in this unit can be your current work website; a relative/friend/ colleague’s site; or another company’s website a. You must be able to Justify the need for a web presence or redeveloped site.

Ultimately, there must be a for your plan. B. Think small. Do not select a large company with sophisticated e-marketing strategies or a very large web site, as it ill mean having to complete a more detailed and longer assignment. C. You should develop something REAL. You have the opportunity to develop a document that could be added to your portfolio in preparation for Job applications. D. Select a company or industry that is of interest to you. E. Preferably select an Australian company (or one that operates in Australia).

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Ultimately, the client that you select should have an ineffective online presence – either their current presence is deficient or the fact the company does not have a presence is inappropriate. Length or Duration: 5 minutes plus submission of your presentation slides and written speech) Description: Students must present a brief proposal of their intended e-Marketing Plan as if they were presenting it to the senior managers of their client company. (You are pitching for the contract to undertake this (re)development. ) This presentation is to be a maximum of 5 minutes in length.

Note that after 5 minutes, you will be cut off. Students can use three (3) Powering slides for this presentation (plus references). By beds On the day to the presentation, students must submit their presentation slides and typed speech to the tutor. References should be included in the presentation slides where appropriate. You must cite the textbook and other works to demonstrate links to content. Students are expected to engage the audience and present specific and relevant information and suggestions regarding their proposal.

Students will be graded on their presentation structure, audience engagement skills, presentation style and their preliminary identification and evaluation of key aspects to be addressed in the e-Marketing plan. The marking criteria for this assessment is provided on our Blackboard site. Please ensure you read through it when preparing our assignment. On the day of your presentation, please submit the following to your tutor: 1 . A copy of your Powering slides (3 slides only plus references) 2.

A typed copy of your proposal presentation speech, with references (single or double spacing). 3. The marking criteria sheet complete with all your details (available on Blackboard) 4. A cover page with all your personal details, including tutorial time, tutor and presentation date. Suggested outline: Clear identification of the company that you are preparing the plan for. Provide URL for the site (if existing site). Demonstrate your understanding of the business. Briefly identify the industry, product category, target market and direct competitors for the company.

Demonstrate that you have undertaken some preliminary evaluation of the company’s existing site, or that you have considered some of the issues that will impact on the selected company’s proposed site, based on topics covered in the lectures. Identify two (2) strengths and two (2) weaknesses of the site: Option 1: identify two strengths and two weaknesses that you believe would be applicable to a web presence based on your understanding of the selected company (you may like to look at a competitor’s site to help).

Option 2: identify two strengths and two weaknesses of the existing site that you have noticed during your preliminary evaluation. For both options: Give a good, clear explanation of why you chose these issues. You need to demonstrate use of the theory covered. Apply the theory as part of your analysis to Justify why a (re)development is needed. Provide a brief indication of how you plan to proceed to the next stage (I. E. The e-Marketing Plan). Identify your specific next steps (I. E. What you must do next to progress the plan). Any questions you may have, please direct them to your tutor/ lecturer