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This Act states that this principle of non-discrimination applies not just where similar work is being done but also where the work is of equal value. This means that if the work being done by a woman requires the same skill, effort etc as a different job being done by a male would entitle to equal pay. This would disclose unlawful discrimination between men and woman including overtime, bonuses and piecework payments. This government in this Act have set firm grounds of discrimination towards different sexes such as areas of recruitment, promotion and training.

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Set up by the board of directors this is a valued scheme where they offer all employees of opposite sex equality and diversity. The success of employees is measured through a series of quantifiable targets and feedback through surveys of employee’s attitudes. Composition of their work is monitored annually so that everyone has the same but fair treatment disclosing any sex relation problems. This would help exclude any discrimination to a certain individual whether that being male or female by the opposite sex.

This would abolish any discrimination to anyone because they would have to meet targets, as this would give a clear indication on who lacks potential and who doesn’t. In the Sainsburys supermarkets website it is said that they are committed to providing:  A working environment in which everyone feels valued, respected, able to contribute to the business Race Relations Act This Act forbids discriminating in employment on the grounds of a person’s race. The commission for racial equality sets codes of practice for the elimination of racial discrimination.

Sainsburys employ a wide range of different ethnic communities and have a strict policy to abolish any racism in the work team. The policy states that they offer a working environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and everyone is treated fairly regardless of: Race, colour, nationality, ethnic origins or community background Gender, gender realignment, sexual orientation, martial or family status  Religious or political beliefs and affiliations They also implements strict procedures on anyone who breaches the act regardless of status in the business, as they are all treated with the same equality.

Disability Discrimination Act This Act makes it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person with disability. Employers must make reasonable adjustments to the work of the premises or the working conditions to allow disabled people to take up employment or promotion. Sainsburys have numerous policies that support disabled employees and their fair treatment. Their recruitment process has been devised to ensure they are not treated unfairly to anyone else for whatever reason.

To make sure that the company offer the disabled employees the same service they provide special training materials in alternative formats such as large prints, Braille, voice controlled computers, general furniture and equipment to assist productivity plus comfort levels. They also have assigned agencies including Shah trust and Re-employ that provides every opportunity of employment for disabled individuals in the form of sheltered placements. These are some of the ways the organisation tackle the act but more importantly give equal opportunities for everyone. By meeting these acts it would enhance their reputation and business.