Product tempting

Compare and contrast the techniques employed in a variety of print advertisements. There are five different adverts. The five that I have chosen are: Kelloggs Special Bar (chocolate chip), Rustico Bertolli, Kelloggs Special Peach and Apricot Cereal, Huggies Nappies and Clarks shoes. Firstly, the first advert is the Kelloggs Special Bar (chocolate chip). The media effects are very eye-catching. For example, the background is all chocolaty and brownish to give the effect of how crumbly and tasty it is. It has a slogan, which rhymes too ” Chocolate chips that stay off your hips”. This slogan is a mnemonic device because it is remember able.

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The Kelloggs Bar is also new so people might want to be the first to try it. Even though it is chocolaty and people may say no to it because maybe it is too unhealthy for them, it says that the bar is ” Less than 90 calories per bar”. By reading this the audience doesn’t need to worry about the fat in the bar. There is an image of the Kelloggs Special Bar a little bit opened with all chocolate chips scattered around. The purpose of this is because it makes people hungry and tempted to buy it. This bar looks good quality. This is because Kelloggs is a well-known and top brand. The font of the writing stands out so the audience doesn’t ignore it is in bubble writing to make it eye-catching. All these points make the advert and the product tempting to buy and very persuasive.

Secondly, my second advert is Rustico Bertolli. In this advert the background is yellow. Straight way when this advert is seen it is eye-catching this is because yellow is a bright colour so you can’t ignore it. There are eight people shown on the advert with their heads up high and their noses up high therefore, the advert is trying to show that they can smell the pasta sauce and it is outstanding.

Therefore, the purpose of it is for you to buy it and check the smell for yourself and also the taste. The Audience may think that it shows that the smell is nice it will mean that the pasta sauce is tasty too. At the bottom of the advert there is an image shown of a jar of the Rustico Bertolli. It looks good quality. This is because Rustico is well-known company. The way the Rustico Bertolli is presented as I have said makes it good quality. The layout of the advert is well presented and structured. This is because the first thing you see is the eight people enjoying the smell. Which makes it persuasive.

The similarities between this advert and the Kelloggs Special Bar are that the backgrounds have been contrasted well and made to be eye-catching also persuasive by the atmosphere and images. Both of these adverts get you tempted too buy them. Thirdly, my third advert is another Kellogg’s product, which is Kelloggs Special Peach and Apricot cereal. This advert is similar to the Kelloggs Special Chocolate Chip Bar. This is because they are from the same brand. On the advert the background has an orangey blended peachy affect. There is an image of a big juicy tasty peach, with the cereal on top of it. The purpose of this image is for the audience to see that there is not much difference between the peach and the cereal.

The layout of it has been set out effectively. This product is also new so people may want to be the first to try it. It has a slogan, which is ” 100% taste 1% fat”. This is a mnemonic device. Therefore, for the people that have a balanced diet will be wanting to try it because it is healthy. This slogan is persuasive. The atmosphere makes you tempted to eat it this is because it is all blended in with an orangey peachy affect. This advert is hard to ignore because the font stands out. So you’re thinking, ” Why should I buy it?” Well there are many reasons. This advert is eye-catching, persuasive, the product is healthy, looks tasty, it is new and it is a product from a good quality brand.

There are not many similarities between this advert and the Rustico Bertolli. There is one, which is that both of the adverts backgrounds stand out. There are many similarities between this advert and the Kelloggs Special Bar. Why wouldn’t there be? It is a product from the same brand. The layout is the same, there is an image shown which is shown tasty, they both have something to say about health also their slogans are mnemonic devices. The media effects of the adverts are outstanding because the background colours are blended in with a lot of effect. The media effects make the atmosphere like it is the real thing.

The fourth advert is Huggies Nappies. In this advert it has two Huggies Nappies packs in the middle. Therefore, first thing to be pointed is that Huggies is a good quality brand. On top of the advert it says ” 2 for 16″. This is persuasive because they have been offered a deal, which may be well good. The background of the advert is red. This advert is not very eye-catching. It has not got much media effects this is because the atmosphere doesn’t make you want to look at the advert. At the bottom of the advert is says ” Trust Boots”.

The audience may want to buy this because it is a well-known brand. It has a special offer and people will think may as well buy it as it is on offer. This advert is persuasive because it shows that the advert is on offer so you gain profit and save money. There are not many similarities between the 3 adverts above. One that could be said is that the way the Kellogg’s products are new so people may want to be the first to try it well the Huggies Nappies on sale so people may want to buy it because they save money.

The fifth and final advert is Clarks Shoes. In this advert there is a detailed image of a woman reflected in mirror with Clarks Boots on. The background is dark as well. The black described the class of shoes because of the darkish feeling and darkish colour suggests of something being rich. It is trying to show that it is a designer but it is a well-known shop. Clarks is a well-known shop with good quality and the latest fashion. In the advert it shows three types of boots. The atmosphere of this advert is a very dark, rich, detailed and class feeling. The audience will feel this way because of what the media effects have done to make you feel this way.

The three types of boots shown look fashionable and the latest ones out. So the audience that always wants the latest fashion may get some. The layout of this is very different and its own style which makes it even more special and eye-catching. It will be hard to ignore! The similarities between this advert and the Kelloggs Special Bar, Kelloggs Special Peach and Apricot Cereal and also the Rustico Bertolli is that all of the backgrounds are eye-catching and blended in too give you that feeling of temptation to buy the product on the page. All the adverts are persuasive in their own ways and styles. In this advert and the Kelloggs products the layouts are individual and persuasive to buy.


I have looked at five different adverts and described them. ” Are the advertisements effective? Why?”. In my opinion I think yes the adverts are effective. They are effective in their own styles. The images that are used in the adverts make the product tempting to buy and persuasive. One of the main reasons why the adverts are effective is because of the background colours they make you read the advert and not just ignore it. The Font of the writing is also important because if it is just normal bold plain its jus boring but if it is 3d in bubble writing it stands out and makes you read more.