Product works

The angles of both pictures are straight on to show that they are just regular people and so that readers can relate to them. In the first picture the woman is at a computer and looks like she is concentrating, she is dressed in smart clothes to give her a professional impression. The background is of a high-powered office. In the second picture she is dressed in party clothes and looks relaxed and like she’s having fun. She is drinking an alcoholic drink, which shows she is grown up and responsible. The background is a club and her friends surround her.

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Both advertisements feature the ‘Double Shades’ logo the bottle and he price. The logo is shown so people will know what the product is called and what to look out for in the shops; the logo is bright and is two toned this is another way of showing the product changes colour. The bottle is shown to attract readers, as it eye-catching; it is colourful and is distinctive, and easy to use. The price has been reduced for a trial period, we chose to show this is the advertisement because readers will feel like they are getting a good deal and will purchase it sooner in order to buy it for the special price. Both advertisements show simple instructions on how the product works; this is to give reader more information about the product.

Two similar advertisements that were close to the campaign that we used are for, Live Colour Xpress and Maxfactor’s Lipfinity. The Live Colour Xpress advert also shows a desire to have excitement; it features three pictures of a young girl with three different colours in her hair in each picture. It uses bright colours as in our adverts. It also uses slogans that have similar meanings and reasons to ours such as ‘another day, another look’ and ‘which colour will you choose for your next date?’ Like our advertisement it is trying to say buying their product will bring change into your life. The ‘Maxfactor’ advertisement is not advertising hair dye, but it is advertising a beauty product. The advertisement is split in three sections and uses the same before and after technique that we used.

Both the advertisements will be successful in selling the product. The advertisements prove that if you are a teenager it will bring excitement to your life because it will give you a totally new look in a short amount of time. The second advert shows working women that it can keep them up-to-date without throwing them off track with their busy work lives.

The advertisements also show that people will want to buy this product because it is an exciting new product and it is easy to use. This hair dye lasts twenty washes, rather than ordinary hair dyes which only last eight to ten washes. The packaging is eye-catching and easy to use. The product has been well marketed; readers will be attracted to the bold pictures and writing. People will also be convinced to buy the product because of the special offer price, which has been stated on the adverts.