Professional Practice

I did my ten weeks work experience placement with Learning Services part of Bradford College. Bradford College is the second largest further and higher college located in the north of England, with approximately 24,000 students Bradford College is a Registered Corporation. It offers a very wide range of full and part time courses from introductory level through to postgraduate level and caters for a variety of students, including: school leavers who are aiming to progress to university or employment; adults who want to acquire the basic skills necessary for employment; international students.

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The College this year celebrated the 175th years of operation, there have been changes during this year, in the early days for instance, it was known as a technical Institute, later it joined with Ikley College and now becomes Bradford College (College website, visited: 09/04/07) The College Departments The International Centre department: This department liaising with all other departments of the college offers specialist advice and assistance for all international students. Short induction courses are arranged to help new students settle quickly and benefit both academically and socially from their stay in Bradford.

The International Centre publishes a special “Guide for International Students”, which deals with everything from obtaining entry clearance and making foreign exchange arrangements before arrival in the UK, to dealing with transport and banking services, registration with College, immigration and medical authorities. The Department of Engineering and Construction: This department supports the education and training needs of local, regional, national and international industry by providing courses which underpin technological advancement and support professional development

Bradford Business School, Computing, Business Administration, Business Studies Management, Hospitality and Leisure Studies, School of Art, Design and Textiles Pure (www. bradfordcollege. ac. uk visited: 03/04/07) (324 words) My Area of Work Experience placement (Learning Support Centre) This area of the Bradford College Supports approximately seven hundred (700) students with disabilities, the disabilities includes: Visual Impairment, Dyslexia, Physical Disabilities, Speech Difficulties, Medical Condition, Autism, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, Mental Health, Learning Difficulties etc.

The Learning Support Centre also known as Sue Carroll Centre started in the 1990s, it was named after a student called Sue Carroll. Sue Carroll studied at Bradford College and Ikley Community College from 1980 until she died on the 24th of September, aged thirty eight. She fought against prejudice, discrimination and campaigned for the right of access to further and higher education for everyone regardless of disability. She won the respect and affection of staff and students in her struggle to achieve academic qualifications and to make the College’s equal opportunity policy a reality.

The College acknowledges her contribution by naming after her this new resources Centre for special needs now known as B Centre. Supports The Learning Support Centre and the College are committed to providing additional support to students who have been assessed as needing extra support, activities or resources in order to help them achieve their learning aims. The Learning Support Centre has tutors with specialist qualifications in all these areas mentioned above.

The Learning Support Centre also has a team of highly experienced learning assistants who assist the students in class or supports them. The team of learning assistants respond to a variety of requests: note taking in class, study support in the library or computer centre, acting as a sighted guide for blind student, assisting a student who uses a wheelchair to get around the College or with personal care, assisting students with learning difficulties with practical or written work and so on.