Project Management Systems

In environmental requirements into their standard Project Management Systems. This is usually done through development of an Environmental Management Matrix to allow engineers to identify any potential risks and impacts to the environment and so they can develop solutions to either design these out or minimize the impacts. (Kef, 2013) Risk matrix is another tool which captures the potential risks to the project and he surrounding environment and provides Engineers with valuable information during the planning, design and construction process. Kef, 2013) Based on the above, in addressing the sustainability and environmental issues within the project management framework, there seem to be a natural movement towards the 8th MAMBO@ knowledge area which is Risk Management. This is mainly due to the fact that there are similarities between the assessments of sustainability requirements within a project and risk management. This issue was discussed in a recent article by Mainsails and Guthrie (2013) where they described the two assessment tools for evaluation of sustainability which are multi criteria analysis and rating tool.

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The authors then discussed the risk management methods and the fact that there are parallels and alignments between sustainability assessment and risk management processes. They concluded that while a risk management approach to sustainability is by no means perfect but it is a great step in incorporation of these needs into the project and project management. 4 Analysis of the selected article For purpose of this assignment, a recent article titled Risk-based approaches to sustainability in civil engineering by Mainsails and Guthrie (2013) was selected and analyses.

The authors provided a clear description of propose of the article which was integration of sustainability assessment in project management through risk management. The article was broken down into logical sections. The sections included: 0 Background and introduction. 0 Project sustainability assessment and an overview of various assessment methodologies. 0 A review of Project Risk Management and various key risk categories. This section also discussed the integration of sustainability with risk management. 0 An overall discussion. Conclusion. 0 List of references.