Provide for disabled employees

There are three main enforcement agencies to do with the equal opportunities legislation and there are the EOC (the Equal Opportunities Commission), the CRE (the Commission for Racial Equality) and the Fair Employment Commission. For this part of the assignment I will explain briefly what both of theses agencies do and what their role is in enforcing equal opportunities in businesses. The equality between men and women is at the main thing that a healthy society and economy need.

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The EOC is leading the way for changes in employment practices, equal pay, retirement/pensions, the right for pregnant women to get part time work, education and training. This agency has been successful in challenging sex inequality and has achieved some changes as a result. The agency still has a lot to do to abolish sex discrimination to help the people that it creates so many barriers for. The CRE (Commission for Racial Equality) works with individuals and with organisations for equality in the society, which also gives everyone an equal, chance to work.

This agency also gives everyone the chance to learn and live in a discrimination free environment, which is also free from prejudices and racism. This agency offers help to people that think they have suffered racial discrimination at work it also makes the law aware of the race relations act and have the laws changed to help the people that it effects. The last main thing that this agency does is it runs campaigns to raise the awareness of people in business to the problems of racial discrimination and the consequences of it. The Fair Employment Commission has a duty to keep a register of employers.

The reason for this is so that they can keep a track of how many businesses are in operation and how many people are working for that business. The register keeps a track of where the business is, who owns it and the date that the business was first registered so that they can see how long the business has been in operation. Equal opportunities policy for the Tab Bar Section (I) – Rationale The Tab Bar has chosen to have an equal opportunity policy because we want our employees to feel safe in the job that they do and that they know that there are procedures to follow if discrimination arises in the workplace.

This policy is designed to offer security to the employees but also to give us the employer’s guidelines to stick to so discrimination never occurs at our place of work. The policy will be published and given to each employee when they start working for us with the equal opportunity policy. It will also be pined up next to the equal opportunity policy on the staff notice board for people to see and be reminded of. If an employee contravenes this policy in any way it will lead to an immediate review of that employee and be discussed if their services are required in the business.

The main thing that the Government offers to disabled workers is policies. The two main policies that the Government has set up are the Equal opportunity legislation and the disability policies. These policies were set up to ensure that everyone in a business is treated the same way. So these policies are designed to help both disabled workers and workers that are been discriminated against for some reason. These policies are integrated into a business as either the Governments policy on the matter or the business constructs its own policy to show that they take the matter very seriously.

The disabilities policy is designed to help disabled workers as it gives them some grounds to stand on if they think that they are been treated unfairly by either there employers or there interviewers. he main thing that the local council has to offer to disabled workers is home help. This is a service that is especially for disabled workers as the council sends round someone to help a disabled person perform daily house chores, or to talk to them to offer support or something else of that nature.

This helps the disabled person whilst they go to work so that if they find it difficult to perform these tasks on there own someone can do them for the disabled worker. Something that either the local council or the government will provide is benefits. This is a cash pay out every month to the disabled worker to help them in the running of there house and to help pay for any special needs that they have that they have to pay for. This money will be separate from their income from their job however it will be influenced by how much they earn in their job.

The home help that the local council offers disabled workers can also be integrated into my business. The people in my business that are offered this service will be allowed time off work on a regular basis to consult with there helper and do what ever they have to do with them whilst they are at home. Depending on how long they will require off work to see there helper will depend on weather or not they will be paid for it, if it is only one or two hours then they will be given there regular pay. The benefits that they will or will not receive is to do with the council or the government and will there for not be integrated into the business.

The benefits for the employer of operating a disability policy is that they have a larger pool of workers to chose from, this means that they have the choice of more people to offer any jobs to and not just a select few. Another benefit is the image the business gets, this shows that the business cares about its image and is willing to show that they will employ anyone who can do the job that is advertised. The main benefit to the employee is that it gives them a chance to stay on at work if they become disabled for any reason.