Recruiting and Developing a Team

Being the Project manager of the company, I have the responsibilities to set up a promotion plan for new products of the company, RisingStar S213 Touch Phone. In this case, I will hold an event to promote the new products of the company. The main objective of this event is to launch the new phone successfully to the market. Besides, through holding this activity, the company can inform the customer about the prospective of the products and educate the customers about its benefits and usage.

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Furthermore, with a specific promotional plan, we can achieve the goals of the company- sell out 1000 products in the first day of introducing the products to the market. By holding the event, we can also get the information about the customer through sales list which is very valuable. In this case, I will choose the market for this new products is in Danang, Vietnam. As can be seen, Da Nang is now developing with new infrastructure and technology. Therefore, if the company launches their products here, they can attract the customers’ retention because the population of Da Nang is high.

Moreover, the pace of life of people in Da Nang has increased a lot so it is not difficult for customer to afford. As can be seen, the company’s main aim when build this team is to have a plan to promote new product of the company. However, to launch have new Rising Star S213 Touch Phone, the company should have a team that work together and are independent to design the plan for the products. Here is the structure of our team. As can be seen, in our team we have three main position sale promoters, customer relation engineer and market researcher.

In the selection process, we will choose external resources which mean that we will recruit people outside the company. Our team is a project team which includes members is assigned to activities for the same project. Besides, our team is also a multidisciplinary team which concludes groups of professionals who come together to provide comprehensive assessment and consultation in abuse cases given. They also enhance the professional skills and knowledge of individual team members by providing a forum for learning more about the strategies, resources, and approaches used by various disciplines.

It brings together individuals with different skills and specialism so that their skills, experiences and knowledge can be pooled or exchanged. If team members are not honest with others and themselves, then the project is doomed. Teams must be thoroughly trustworthy and able to trust others as well. A team leader especially must be able to sense insecurity and in genuineness. Members and the team leader must be dependable and able to discuss topics and issues freely with a mind toward solving problems and delivering an outstanding project result. They must respect one another.

Members must also accept the role of the leader openly and supportively. All should be polite and courteous to customers, clients, and others served by the project as well. There should be no gossip about team members or the team leader within the team or outside of it with others. Gossip is ugly and makes the gossiper look ugly as well. Team members should contribute openly, with integrity and take care about others’ feelings when communicating. There should be no competition that will destroy the project and no attention-getting behaviors. A team member freely contributes time, energy, and enthusiasm.

Job analysis is the process of collecting, analyzing and setting out information about the content of jobs in order to provide the basis for a job description and data for recruitment, training, job evaluation and performance management. Job analysis concentrates on what job holders are expected to do1. For example, the company is recruiting sales promoters to become a member of the team to take the task of introducing the products and convincing customers to buy them. Job description outlines the role, in terms of both the day to day tasks and responsibilities.

It helps potential applicants to decide whether they want to apply for the job, and can be a useful aid for employers when devising job advertisements and employment contracts. A supervisor or manager uses position descriptions to introduce new employees to their positions and clearly delineate work assignments and detect overlaps or gaps in those assignments. Besides, job description also helps to assist employees to acquire a greater understanding of their assigned duties. Here is the job description for Sales promoters.