Recruitment and selection process

As we can see above the job description does not explain the ideal person for the job in any way, shape or form. The section where the person is described is the person specification Person specification In this the company will be looking at what personal qualities the previous employee had and if these qualities were good and helped them to complete their job to the highest possible standard then these would be published in the job spec and the ideal candidate for the job would have these qualities. If the previous employee did not have good qualities then the business should just outline what qualities the ideal candidate should have if they were to be at an advantage to other applicants.

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Advertise post Here the company will decided which is the most appropriate way for them to advertise the job vacancy. There are a number of different ways that a business can advertise the post. They could advertise in a shop window for a local job such as a cleaner or if they were looking for a job such as a bus driver they might advertise their job in the local newspaper or job centre. This way only candidates who think they would be good at this job should apply.

For a job that requires more qualified candidates, the business may advertise their post in recruitment agencies. This way the recruitment agency could find the best people for the advertised job. Issuing application forms The company will draw up an application form for people who have an interest in the advertised post. If the candidates contact the company through writing or telephone then they should leave their name and address and the company will send them an application form.

Shortlist Once the company have received all competed application forms then they will chose who they think were the best candidates, they may chose the best 5 or 10 that they think stand a good chance at providing a good quality service to their company. The short listed candidates will then receive an interview. Interview An interview is held to give the business a chance to meet the person who is applying for the job. This will give them a chance to see if they fit the person specification and also if they can for fill all the requirements on the job description. After a meeting the best candidate will be appointed.

Select and appoint This is where the company hires the right person for the job after conducting all the interviews. The best person for the job will be told the salary, when the can start etc etc. There are many questions which a business will need to ask when an employee leaves their organisation. Some of these questions are shown below.  Is the post needed, therefore vacant Should the job description or person specification be changed in any way Before appointing a new recruit, the senior appointer will need to consult with;  Line manager of the department where the position is vacant.

Other line managers who may believe they have an equally valid claim to the post  The personnel department, these are responsible for any new recruitment and staffing  The finance department, these will have to ensure that the business can afford to employ the new recruit Job description The job analysis has to be undertaken before a job description can be prepared. The job description tells the applicant what jobs they will be responsible for completing and who they will be responsible for and to. The job description does not describe the ideal person for the job in any way.