Recruitment and Training

The ward manager decide there is a job vacancy, however the possible reason for a job vacancy could be resignation, retirement and long term sick leave. Moreover, there would be a job vacancy, if an individual is on a long term sick leave, this vacancy could be filed by having an agency worker in the business to cover for the absent of the person, as this might cost the business a lot of money and the business is working on a budget. For a short time, a member of staff might cover for a short term (over time).

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Alternatively the vacancy is usually filled by having to find a new employ that will fill the position, as this will result in a long term. This is the best way of having to fill the vacancy available because, if the business rely on having to call an agency worker to cover, this will cost the a lot. As for the other staff, this will not last for long and by right the Working Time regulations are UK Health & Safety legislation, which include 48 hours of work per week, minimum rest period of 2 days per 14 days and hours for night workers; not more than 8 hours in every 24.

A job description is a document setting out the duties and tasks associated with a particular position. Managers are responsible for drafting copy for their adverts. All copy is vetted edited by TMP, the Trust’s advertising agency, to ensure it is as succinct as possible. It is important to have a job description because, it help the employer to select the right employee for the right job. It is also important for the employee as it help him or her to understand or know what is required by him or her.

A person specification states the qualities and qualification that businesses are looking for in job applicants. It is use to select and promote the right applicant for the right job. ….. a person specification help the NHS trust comply with the business policies and the Government legislation (equal opportunities Act), by having to select or promote the right person with the right qualification or requirement. Advertising vacancies can only take place if all the Recruiting Manager observes any recruitment controls that are in place at the time. Recruitment Officer agrees advertising with Manager.

If it is likely an external advert will be needed, the Manager and Recruitment Officer would discussed and agree about when to insert a date, the media and the closing date. They also advertise in the Barts and The London NHS trust job vacancies, NHS job website, intranet (internal advertisement), Nursing Standard, Nursing Guardian and the North East London Health vacancy bulletin. In the appendix you will find a job advertised in the Barts and The London NHS Trust website, the manager and Recruitment Officer are expecting many people as possible to apply for the job.

The job advertisement does cost some money if adverted in the Nursing Standard and Nursing Guardian, but cost the NHS absolutely nothing if advertised in the NHS website, intranet etc. Barts and The London NHS trust short list as many applicants base on their specification, requirement, and who is more suitable for the job. Base on the person specification, skills and experience (application form) and CVs the Manager will then decide which applicant would be the right employee for the right job.

The advantage of doing this might be that the person has understood what the job is about and would probably apply his or her knowledge (study skills) in the job. The disadvantages of this might be that the form was filled by a relative of friend for the applicant. Another disadvantage might be that the person can not or is unable to apply his or her understanding in the job immediately but in few months the employer or Manager can tell if the individual is good for the job.

A representative (s) from the Human Resources and a ward Manager (s) would interview applicants. The interviews are held in the individual directorates, the Manager (s) is allowed to write some question and the Human resources representatives base on the job description written by the ward Manager (but the Human resources representatives do most of the talking in interviews). The interviewers ask every applicant the same questions because, of equal opportunities or legislation from the business.

The interview is very important to the applicant because this is the time that they can come across as an experience, or know some thing about the job; however some people are better at an interview, but might not always perform well if appointed. As for the employer, during the interview he or she can make good or bad decision, therefore the interview is very important to employers, as they will be unable to withdraw any contract after accepting an applicant to the job.