Researching a job role and recruitment

I’ve started a company for a couple of months now so I don’t have a lot of money to put advertisements in the newspapers. My company sells safety clothes, shoes, glasses, suites etc. Of course I have an own website of my company so that customers can see what for company I have and I can put advertisements on my website than. And if people are interested to work at my company than they can give me their curriculum vitae and an application letter. I can buy posters and put it in different places so all people can see the advertising.

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The costs of the posters aren’t very much, the costs are 350, 00 for 1000 posters so that isn’t very expensive and a company can afford that (information from www. druksnel. nl). I have a company that is specialized in protect clothing, so I need people who must work in the warehouse and somebody who can lead the warehouse. So first I want somebody who have worked in a warehouse and knows everything of it. I put that in the advertisement to and than people will come who have work experience in a company. If I have somebody who can lead the warehouse he becomes the leader of the warehouse than so he can employ a couple more people.

The other persons who wants to work in my company must like to work in a company so they don’t have to work in my company if they only want money. Because if they don’t like to work in a company the atmosphere isn’t good in the warehouse so they must like to work in mine company. I need people who can patch logos on the clothes. Because one of my customers is Roteb and if they want 200 overalls their logos must be on the overalls. So I need two people who can patch clothes and at least 1 person must have patch clothes before in an other company for example.

So if peoples are interested in mine advertisement and if they satisfy my demands they can call me and than we can make an appointment to have an application conversation. And if the conversation was good he can work in mine company. My company have different functions of course and these are a couple of them: Director (the boss of the company), Administrative department (he/she is doing everything about the financial things in the company), Technical department (he/she is drawings all the designs of the safety clothes for example), Surveyor department (he/she is travelling to other countries to get some new customers for our company).

Each person must have there own skills, there are different functions in my company and people must have skills to fulfill that functions. A person of the surveyor department have to be polite and he/she must listen to the wishes of the customer because of he is rude or he is not a social type, companies will not buy things from us. And we must have a representative with an good knowledge of languages because if he goes to the foreign he must speak English or Spanish. So that’s why we need a good representative for example.

A secretary have to be a good listener and he/she must have patience because some customers are annoying that’s why they must have patience. And they have to be polite because the customers don’t like rude people and they won’t buy things in my company as well because my secretary is rude. He/she must have a good knowledge of language because people of the foreign can call to our company to. And he/she must be trustworthy to his/her colleague’s. A manager of the warehouse must have a lot of personal, communication and employability skills because he is the boss of the warehouse and the warehouse is the most important section of a company.

He have to listen to his colleague’s if they have problems or something because if the manager is boring and morose every day his colleague’s don’t like him and they can take discharge or something. He have to take the responsibility of the warehouse on him because he is the boss and he have to take the leading and command his staff. If my boss search for new staff he put some advertisement on different site first (www. monsterboard. nl for example). And if he really needs people, he put some advertisements in the newspapers. Of course he put some advertisement on the site if the company to (www.trital. nl) and the people will answer on the advertisements automatically.

But if he knows some friends of him and if they are doing their work good he can asked them to if they want to work for Trital. The directors of Trital have met the manager of the warehouse in a football club because they like football and the manager of the warehouse is a coach of an football team, so they directors knew that he can give the leading and they asked him to work for Trital and he said yes. So my manager uses different processes if he want new recruitments. Which people are involved in the recruitment process?

In the storehouse there is one person who is involved in the recruitment process and that is Arthur de Bruin. He is the one who can fire employees and get new employees to work at the storehouse. In the office there is only one person to who can fire employees and get new employees to and her name is Anke. These two persons have the responsibility of their staff. Does your company have a written policy on recruitment procedures? (ask for an example). My company don’t have a written policy but of course we have some rules so that we easy can find the products that we need for example.

My company have different paths and the directors named them A,B,C,D path etc. So if we need a product you can see where the product is. D12 for example, so you know than that the product is at path D12. But we haven’t a written policy of this rule so that’s why I can’t give you an example but we have rules in the warehouse. What activities are being undertaken by the manager to retain his staff within the company? The manager of the warehouse is friendly to his colleagues and makes jokes every day so he isn’t strict or he don’t command them.

Only if somebody don’t work he says go work or you don’t get paid or something like that (but that is an joke). So his staff can’t complain that he is strict or something. But if somebody wants to leave the company and he is an very good employee he talks with him and ask why he wants to leave the company for example. He can give him extra money, maybe the employee will stay than. Or he will give him a better contract, with a better salary and he can make him assistant manager of the warehouse for example. But the employee have to be very good than. That are the activities if the manager want to keep his staff.