Response Paper The Tempest

There are 3 main themes in Shakespearean: The Tempest Just as there are in any other play. One of the themes in The Tempest consist of the falseness of realities justice which creates an illusion. During the play it was shown that the view of one character controlled everyone’s fortune within the story. The way this was presented was how the main character Prosper would walk around the stage and was not even noticed by any of the character who were acting, but he would manage to have control over them.

The second theme would be distinguishing the monsters from actual men. Clinical was portrayed as a monster or so called demon. He possessed demonic horns and walked around as he had hooves for feet. Though it seemed that he was accepted by Miranda, but opposed by Prosper, Scallion’s actual identify at times seemed a bit ambiguous. The third theme following the play was colonialism. Following the second theme noticed how devilish Clinical was he would make a remark to Stephan to kill Prosper. Given the thought of opportunity Stephan then sees himself with Prospered daughter ruling as King and Queen.

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After capturing the entire play it revealed that Prosper was actual stranded on an island with his daughter Miranda for years. It took a while to notice that feature only because of the title of the play being The Tempest, which was the title of the storm in the play that landed them on the island. The most outstanding moment in the play was when Clinical rose up on his feet and began his affection with Miranda. He rose up with demon horns in pitch blue light shunned onto him and the obscure music started to play. The feeling of distress shadowed the stage as this scene took place.

Without he visual effects of the lighting, the horrific music playing, and the demonic horns on the character the setting would have never been interpreted as Clinical being a sinister character. II. Production Quality The design elements of the play fitted pretty well with each other. There were props in the play that forced confusion upon reading the setting of the play. For instance the story is set on an island and on the stage nothing made any resemblance to the island. The props used to contribute to the setting of the island were crates, dull tanned brown tarp, and a small wooden boat.

At the beginning of the play it was seen how they were on a boat by using the wooden boat and waiving it in the air and with the dull tarp they would use it as a sail, but once the boat set on an island it was a bit hard to depict how the crates played any part of the play. Also another thing that was a bit hard to assume was the costumes of the used to describe the so called spirits. They more resembled statutes as they were covered in grey body paint from head to toe while standing on top of the crates on stage not even budging until it became cue to move and speak.

The actors were very impressive while performing. They felt very comfortable with the props, lighting, and costumes. Another strong suite that brought the characters to life was the relationship between the cast. Though interpreted from a different angle from the viewer it was shown by the actors that they knew who they were and used every bit of the elements provided to them to Response Paper The Tempest By Erik-Jerome bring their character to elite. For instance Prosper and his relationship wit was brought to life by Riel’s loving nature of the actor herself.

Her soft voice brought almost it seemed a romance at point when speaking to Prosper and showing him that she was a loyal spirit. Like said before overall the design elements fitted pretty well with the entire play. The grey body paint making the characters look more like statues or gargoyles was not in taste, but once into the play more was seen and noticed on how they formed into the their characters. Improvements could be made by making more effort into making the spirits look like actual spirits of today’s modern view instead of the past’s modern view of how spirits looked.

Also the crates still main a question of what they actual stood for as to being an object on an island. The tarp being used as a ships sail and island sad was a pretty magnificent idea to me by utilizing one article to set the scenery. Ill. The Impact on the Audience Watching the play with friends and observing the audience engagement it would seem they did overall enjoy it. There were parts in the play that were comedic and gained the amusement of audience whom shared laughter throughout the entire theatre. During the intermission, my past professor who was in attendance got to share his thoughts on the play.

His thoughts were the actors in the play remained incredible with portraying their characters and using the environment to craft a mood of an appealing nature to the actual story of Shakespearean, The Tempest. IV. Final Thoughts When walking into the play there was utter confusion on what the story focus was. Though the actors were amazing and enjoyable to watch, grasping the characters from the first 15 minutes of the play was not easily comprehensible because of the lack of knowledge. The only way it actually started to make sense was when focusing on the dialogue on the play rather than the actor’s motion.

Once the dialogue was comprehended it was a bit easier to follow the story and figure out who the characters were. So it is safe to say when watching a staged play there is so much more that you have to look into and read to figure out the story than watching a movie on television with subtitles and a clearly plotted and produced film. You have to read so much more into a play because there are no cut scenes or fast forwarding/ rewinding, it is only you and your imagination trying to read into the characters, dialogue, props, lighting, and so much more on a single stage.