Selling in the computer

Fifth, we are going to make our list according to social factor segmentation, which means to demonstrate the influence others have on our behaviors. In every country there are people who love fashion and to be cool. There are always people who get influenced by other people who love fashion. We would segment people who get influenced by others because they would help us in selling sun glasses and they will influence others to come and buy.

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People get influenced by a person’s behavior, lifestyle and fashion, these people are so important to target and attract them to become on your customer list. After doing the list and knowing who our customers are, it will lead us to increase our profit, we move to the second step which is how to obtain or bring the customers to buy the Ray-Bans sun glasses. First of all we can use the “word of mouth”, as this is an effective method of attracting consumers to buy the product.

It can be done in different ways, one of the ways is to tell our family and friends to spread the WORD about the product, the second way it can be by sending an email to everyone in your address book telling them what we are selling and where are we selling, and finally ask your happy and satisfied clients to refer to their friends and family and spread the product. Second of all we should love those clients.

I mean by loving those clients is to get in touch with old or new customers to tell them about the new kind of sun glasses that our company creates. Third of all we should do some events and conferences to spread the product and to deliver all the information about RAY-BAN, to be socialized and to talk to many people and have your business card ready so you would give it to them when your mini talk finishes. After all, we should promote ourselves and make our product so important to the surrounding populations. How to promote?

There are many ways to do so, one of them is to create a website for the product and then sell t-shirts that have the website on it, so people would visit the website, another way is by putting the product on a known magazine that everyone buys it so they would read it and the first one whose going to read it will tell his friend and so on…. The product in a couple of weeks will be known well, you can put an ad in the local news paper and finally you can give anything away for free so people would be attracted and loyal to our product. We can use the media by making advertisements on TV, radio and internet.

We can send people from the company and make them walk in a mall and start walking with RAY-BAN on their face and answering the questions of the people that are in the mall. Any company or product owner would like to secure his list, and I mean her by secure is saving, protecting the list. To secure a list you must make the list satisfied and happy with your products and offers you are giving them and over time you must call the customer that are on your list and inform them about new products that are on sale and then sell it to them in a cheaper price than other normal customers so they would feel important and to become more loyal.

Loyalty increases the profit of company or a product owner, we should attain the loyalty of our sun glasses and always secure our list from being stolen by other competitors like Gucci, and our list is what our product is depending on. After obtaining the list, any company would think of maintaining the list as long as it can. Maintaining a list can be done by offers to our customers. For example: buy one and get the other one 70% discount on the price or buy two get 1 free.

There are different kinds of offers we can do to attract more customers and at the same time to maintain our loyal customers. We can provide gifts with each RAY-BAN glass a customer buys. To continuity informing the list about the new updates that have been made to our glasses or if our company has created new glasses so they would be the first to know about it. That would make the list feel satisfied and important to the RAY-BAN product and that would alter them to become loyal to Ray-Ban. Customer database is a very important aspect to attain a list.

Customer database is the key to developing strong customer relationships and retaining customers. The primary use of customer database is to get to know customers better, to distribute information about an upcoming event, and to keep customers satisfied and happy. Also we can estimate the life time of value of people on the list. According to quora. com “Customer value is a variable that directly relates to shareholder value and therefore must always be contribution -based, i. e. profitability.

Methodologies and models that are purely revenue-based are misleading, as costs can dramatically reduce lifetime revenues, sometimes turn them into negatives (loss) and Lifetime does not mean ‘until they die’, but only as long, as we can reliably expect them to remain our customers. This involves predictive techniques (e. g. survival analysis), but is always limited to the horizon of our models’ predictive accuracy and confidence. “Ray-Ban sunglasses are not only about utility but also about image. This section of our project is about the image Ray-Ban customers look for and the impact it has on advertising and branding.

From Utility to Image Sunglasses became a fashion statement in Europe as early as 1920s when sports like tennis, mountain climbing, sailing and tennis became popular and also sunglasses was used for protection against sun replacing hats, parasols, that are not practical for outdoor sporting activities. Sun glasses as a means of expressing one’s uniqueness and individuality took place in the 1950s when Hollywood celebrities were seen wearing “Foster Grant” sunglasses or multi-colored jumbo sized frames in the 60s.

Sunglasses became the symbol of identity which has replaced the primary function of protection. Sunglasses especially among the younger generation represent their identity rather than the more important function of ultra -violet protection. Ray-Ban also revolutionized the sunglasses industry with the introduction of the Wayfarers into a “cult object” by Marilyn Monroe. However, Wayfarers became legendary when it was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”.

As utility became replaced with fashion, it is important to pay close attention to change in need of sunglasses using Maslow’s Hierarchy of need. Initially, sunglasses are used for protection the eye against ultra-violet rays coming from the sun. In recent times, people wear sunglasses as a form of identification, means of differentiating themselves, or even for social status. The advertising Campaign Ray-Ban sunglasses are famous because of recurrent placement. Ray-Ban has its product advertised in about 160 movies and television shows yearly.

Since early 2000s, the advertising budget for the firm has gone up considerably. For the purpose of this project, we are going to localize the global advertisement strategy of Ray-Ban. The first promotional tool we are going to use in the campaign involves using models from the UAE to advertise the products. These models would be shot at different location across the country and the photographs would be used for billboards, newspaper advertisement, as well on the television ( specifically Dubai One).

Also, the models used will be from different age bracket because Ray-Ban caters to different age group (ranging from the young to the more older generation). Some of the people we will be using in our ad campaign include Al-Wasmi, Nawal El Zoghby, Abdel Halim. All these people are famous in the Arab world and they are from different age groups. Secondly, Ray-Ban offers varieties of sunglasses in different colors and different shapes. The objectives of offering different style and colors are to help customers understand expression as well as individuality is what define each and everyone.

To communicate this, the company would use numerous media including televison, print, as well as direct marketing. Our aim is to reach our segment with a convincing and unforgettable message . We hope to continue to encourage the uniqueness and individuality of our customers because that is part of what defines them. Thirdly, we are going to follow the famous Ray-Ban” Never Hide Campaign”. Basically, we are going to have different sort of people, ranging from the famous people to the random people on the street. The best picture is then selected and used in our ad campaign.