Selling product

The copy is in simple, paragraph form. Centered above the first paragraph in bold blue letters is ‘Award Winning*’ and ‘UK’s No.1 selling product range for frizz hair’. This immediately grabs the attention of the audience as the products gains a sense of trust between the readers as it shows that other people have used the products and found it successful. If you follow the asterisk at the side of the writing to the bottom of the page in reasonably large black writing it says ‘Cosmopolitan readers Choice Awards 2004′ where as the writing next to the asterisk in the Pantene add ’10x Stronger*’ is only just legible and says ‘ Shampoo & Conditioner vs NO-conditioning shampoo.’ The difference in size is significant as it is uses the size to promote the product. The Pantene add for example is trying to hide the information from the reader as it would not promote the product and the Frizz-ease ad is trying to promote the product to the reader

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The copy then goes on to say how the products have been ‘designed especially for, dry fizz-prone hair.’ So like the other ad talks to the reader directly about her hair. It then tells the reader how it works and that the products have ‘Inner Smoothing Technology’ which is in bold writing explaining to the reader the scientific side of the product and making the product sound more unique. It says that they ‘hydrate from within, transforming troublesome frizz into healthy looking hair’ so buying these products will literally ‘transform’ your hair.

The second paragraph says ‘Use Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Perfector to transform your wilting waves and frizz into glossy, highly defined curls’ This is a instruction directed at the reader telling her to use the product to again ‘transform’ her hair if you use these products and they will produce perfect curls. Both ads are focused directly at the reader telling her of her unknown problems, and then cleverly coming up with a solution for it. So both copies are very persuasive.

Analysis You can tell by the choice of images that both ads are aimed at women who want great hair as that is what is demonstrated. They were both found in a well known magazine. Women read magazine for the latest fashion, beauty and gossip so the products appear to them as modern fashionable products. You would buy this magazine in any post office or supermarket so both ads are widely advertised across the globe. Both ads discuss how unique they are to any other competing products and try to persuade you to buy them.

Frizz-Ease and Pantene are both very successful companies that women all over the world trust to delivery fantastic products. Women take much pride in their appearance and if any add can suggest fulfilling their desire of perfection or as in this case beautiful hair then they will consider buying it. It is this want for perfection women have that companies like Frizz-Ease and Pantene use to try and persuade their customers that their products will make their hair perfect like the models in the ad.

The Pantene ad is directed more to the reader and the clever flowchart form of text really forces the potential buyer to read on. The model is very attractive and has fantastic hair that most women including myself should envy. Also even when a reader is skimming the text the main features of the products stand out very clearly. It is because of these points that I think that the Pantene Pro-v was a more successful advertisement.