Should Sports Development Focus on the Development of Elite

On the other hand, there is a big argument stating that the Olympics will benefit grass root sport in other ways, it night be taking away some of its funding, but the Olympics can help to inspire easily influential youngsters that might idols to be like the athletes that they are watching on T. V and seeing all over the papers. Mr. Coo who is a double Olympic champion and also the chairman of 2012 organizing committee said: “I will fight the nostrum that this is Just about elite sport.

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The challenge is not whether we finish fourth or 20th in the medals table but what we do to convert big British moments into 10,000 more kids picking up sport. ” (Coo, 2010) He conceded London had a “Third World” sports infrastructure but said the Olympics would remedy this. If this is the case with the new interest and already built facilities the Olympics is solving and canceling out” this issue of facilities having to close through lack of interest and participation and also helping to solve these spiraling obesity statistics in the long run.

For example even though Grass roots sport is struggling now and having funding cut, surely it is Just going to be a bleak outlook up until the Olympics as lots of money is going into improving facilities and although money is currently being thrown at elite athletes, the elite athletes will only really benefit from this up until the Olympics and then the grass roots will then benefit from the elite athletes performance. Mr. Self kids who are ordinary at sport are going to be galvanism to participate by elite references. Its understandable Sub Coo wouldn’t understand because he is an elite sports performer.

Those of us who are Just K at sport actually are intimidated. ” There are also many reasons why sports development should be focusing on elite sport. Up until the last 30 years, the Olympics were meant to be for amateur sports people who played sport as a hobby rather that a Job they get paid to do, (much like the situation now of grass roots sport). “Important sporting countries like the USA still don”t give their athletes government money, and most countries cannot afford to Penn millions of dollars on Just a few sports stars.

Their top sportspeople have to make a living by playing for a professional sports club, winning prize money when they compete successfully, or by sponsorship and endorsements from companions(latest, 2010). Now in the current climate, athletes that compete in the Olympics or as professionals get paid millions for doing something they are passionate about, I feel that this makes a mockery of poorer countries which Just have to rely on talent rather than athletes from a young age training and using the cost up to date technology. Those who practiced a sport professionally were considered to have an unfair advantage over those who practiced it merely as a hobby’ (Professional Athletes, n. D). Some people argue that is not our Job to fund elite level athletes through taxes Just to see our country win medals and instead should be put to better use developing our” children rather than communities and parents going to work and earning money as a living rather than having to pay tax to support athletes who get paid to compete as their Job.

Although elite athletes are DOD role models, unless the money is funded into local facilities, clubs & projects, these children will never get the chance to follow in the footsteps of their role models. Funding that is being flooded into sport at the moment is mainly coming from National Lottery grants, they are very good at supporting grass roots sport, especially a programmer that Sports England is pushing called the Small Grants Programmer. ” This is where a club or a programmer can apply for a small amount of money from any sum from IEEE to EIA,OHO but the total cost of the project is not allowed to exceed EYE,OHO. ћ” The Sport England Small Grants Programmer has been set up to support local community sport projects which seek to increase participation, sustain participation or develop opportunities for people to excel at their chosen sport. ” (Sport England, n. D) this programmer is very good in my opinion as it helps community sport in – bringing together a wide range of partners from local and national government, the commercial sector, higher and further education and the third sector to make the most of their investment in sport.

Conclusion Taking all this into account, I feel that at this stage in the climate, pending a lot of money on the Olympics will at this stage will mainly benefit our elite athletes, but I feel by putting all this money into the Olympics now it will have a positive impact on grass roots sport. A lot of people disagree with this though and feel that we are putting a lot of money into the Olympics because we want to look good” or even gain the respect of other countries by doing well and hosting an months we’ll have forgotten the names of 80 per cent of the winners.

Are we investing in sport simply because we want to beat the French or do we want to see a negligible benefit for our children? ” (Telegraph, 2011) I feel if this is the case then the government should look at their priorities a bit better. There is a high importance to increase the number of participation in grass roots sport as well because even if we have these brand new facilities, that the Olympics is giving us, if we din”t have the numbers or the interest in young potential athletes, the facilities will get shut down and grass roots will most definitely suffer then. Lack of interest from potential future users means the IEEE million Olympic stadium may be demolished within months of he 2012 Games and the site put up for sale possibly to a football club” (Telegraph, 2011). I also think that athletes should compete for gold medals like in tennis rather than a big cash prize like in other sports “Tennis at the Olympics, Just like any Grand Slam includes all the major players around the world and feature high level competitive matches.

But instead of battling for a cash prize, they rally for gold medals, as this will allow elite and amateur as well as profession and grass route athletes all a fair and equal chance to develop. I feel that they earn enough money wrought sponsorships, media and sometimes even Just for showing up to the event. ” (Homograph, n. D). This will allow more money to be available for grass roots sport to access as well as still having a reason for elite athletes to still drive and achieve something.