Significant Fact in the Development of Criminal Behavior

Here’s a prim example, there was two rooters who grew up rich and wealthy. Parents made sure they had everything they needed and of course wanted In life. Well these brothers got an Idea to kill their father first from a movie and later discussed to kill the mother as well. Each brother complained to each other about how domineering and controlling their father was, and how it was hard trying please him. The brothers rationalized that If they killed then father then they would have to kill their mother too, because she wouldn’t survive emotionally without the father.

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So both brothers went forward killing both arenas thinking that they would get away with It and not get caught at all. I believe that these brothers were spoiled as kids and that neither parent shoot for adolescence like they should have. I feel that they letting there boys know that when you do things that is not positive or good there are major consequences behind them. Because the boys thought if they kill their parents they were going to get away with not thing about the con and pros if they do get caught what would happen.

But society played apart too, they were both weak minded and let one small movie trigger there mind to o a crime. In today’s society or should I say world TV shows, movies, artist, actors play a major role on life’s today, what mean by that Is that all It takes Is that one negative thing to drive a person attention and boom there whole mind frame changes because in the back of their mind they been thinking to do the criminal behaviors but seeing it makes them more motivated to go out there and do it not knowing if they gone get away or get caught.

A person who comes from what is a typically described as a “poor” family background, who had not fallen Into criminal behavior has morals and knows the meaning of life. As a child growing up poor you see a lot and if you grew up in a bad environment, as kids you see things with your eyes you shouldn’t see till later on and life. In most poor background family you see things such as drug sells, and use of drugs through the neighborhood, you see people that you look up to let drugs over take them to the point they lose their mind completely or vanish off the earth due to DO….

Seeing things like this make you not want to live the criminal life because seeing It back as a child brought pain and many ND alcoholics and violence, these things as well makes you think and want to live a better life because once again you see family, friends and people you look up to fall in criminal life, and rather people believe it or not it has a big effect on you.

Growing up in a poor family background gives a lots of people the opportunity not to fall into criminal behavior because living the poor life makes you now want to live the criminal behavior do to what you seen others go through with that being lot of people that live that life plan ahead and a future for love ones like siblings, kids and wife eater on life because that see what they criminal life behavior does to a person from experiencing it first hands around friends and family.

While there is a common perception that criminal is a from a broken home, has suffered a deprived childhood, or lacks of a good education are many causes people from poor family background fall into the criminal behavior is subject to be truth to a certain extent due to the fact that there are ones that have a great mind frame, high self-esteem and know how to handle pressure so that they want live that life fallen into criminal behavior. Citation (References) 1 . Predicting arrest in early adulthood: the relationship between internal and external sources of control.