Similar media texts/target audiences

My advertisement campaign is forcing is on Cancer which targeted at diverse group of people. Some of the adverts are aimed particularly at women or men. The main ideology of my advertisements came from an advert I found on the Internet from the BBC website trying to influence young females to stop smoking with the catchphrase of ” Perfume won’t hide it”; it shows a young woman with the clever creation of cigarettes for her hair. In the catchphrase the word ‘it’ is used to represent the cigarettes as if it is ‘the fashion tread’, the ‘it’ factor. As young women are insecure about the image they portray to the outside world they tend to keep to the latest clothes to the fashion perfumes.

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This works on many different levels of the advert; to stop you from smoking, you do not smell, you gain less risk of developing lung cancer, premature ageing, infertilly, thinning of skin and hair; yellow nails and many more problems. My six adverts are looking four aspects of cancer, which are lungs, skin, breast and testicle cancer. They are either aimed directly at woman or directly at men or both.

My first advert is aimed at women, it shows a normal packet of chicken breast fillet which the words are manipulated to represent a woman breast, as being butchered like processed meat, such as chicken in this case. The capture I use were “you can’t put a price on womanhood” this is represent that women should not put a price on their breasts, by checking for lumps which could be cancer. My second advert is aimed directly at young woman. It aimed directly at young woman because that particular group are very concerned with image and beauty. Skin cancer can ruin what you already have, and women should not be only concerned with their appearance.

That is why I used the phase “Beauty isn’t only skin deep”. My third image is based on bone marrow cancer it is typical way of using children as a form of guilt to sway people into giving their blood. I used children under the age of five who appear to be happy but very soon to be face death. I wanted the advert to have a almost as a form of a child abuse campaign to sway people into believing that if you do not help theses children you are abusing them. I felt by using the colours black and white you get a sense of not knowing whether these children are dead or alive. We tend to relate black and white pictures to something that is old and not resent.

I wanted this advert to contradict itself in a sense as to give the assumption that although the children are happy, one of them could have bone marrow cancer. This can give a message to the audiences (especially mothers) that anybody’s child could dye tomorrow of this dreaded illness cancer. My fourth image is a male figure with his pants unzips with the caption “No ball games allowed” This is to epitomise that testicular cancer is not something to be taken likely. It is important that we show testicular cancer is not something to play with. My fifth image has the pictures of cigarette ash with a cross at the centre with the caption “Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust” this is to say if you smoke you will basically die from it. My sixth image has a

Part 2: Planning and Production

When designing my six images I looked into deviating types of issues, which could be addressed through advertisement. My first intention was to do images on STD’s or child abuse. I found the majority of the class took that idea; so therefore I decided to be original and do my six images on cancer .I found this topic much more broader because it can be approached at different angles such as; breast, testicular, bone lung and many more.

Firstly I did a draft on six images on A4 paper. This gave me a rough idea as how they will look like as a final advert. I thought as I was doing a project on cancer it gave me an opportunity to see and research through different aspects of cancer. From the research I found that the four most common cancers in Europe were breast, lung, skin and bone marrow. This inclined me to do more research on these very serious cancers. Most cancers are curable at their early stages and I wanted to promote men and women to go and get check out at the doctors. I also wanted to encourage people to help those who may suffer from cancer in the later stages of the disease.

I wanted to address the different aspects of cancer, which are seen through my six images. My first image portrayed a packet of chicken breast to represent a breast. My second image to showed a woman sunbathing and then you get a close up of her skin with skin cancer. My third image establishes a foreground of children who may suffer from bone marrow cancer. My fourth image has a close up male figure with the front of trousers unzipped to represent testicular prostate cancer. My fifth image shows a picture of cigarette with ashes and a cross in the centre with the caption “ashes to ashes dust to dust” to represent that if you smoke you get lung cancer. My sixth image… Most of my idea came from what relate to people in the life to link the types of cancer that could affect many people.