Situation of China Coal Electricity Industry

China’s coal-fired power generation industry is in large scale and there exists high competition. The development of coal electricity industry in 2013 has a big influence on the overall situation. On January 1, the State Council issued that the development of the twelfth five-year plan. According to the plan, a series of factor such as security, resource, environment, technology, economy should be taken into consideration and the main goal 2015 energy development should be clear.

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The middle and west area is rich in coal industry. Coal electricity integration development should be encouraged, large power station should be constructed, and the development of coal gangue and coal slime should be given priority. The heavy haze weather strikes most regions of our nation In 2013, especially In Beijing, Tannin and Huber Regions and sever air pollution appears in those areas. It Is pointed by relevant people that the main cause of the Increasing of haze weather Is he air pollution.