Social and Economic Development Towards Sustainability

One example for this situation Is Tendon, which Is now to be the most unsafe place in the city of Manila, although it is a good location for the main culture of this locale, which is trade and business; it is located adjacently at the ocean and the mall roads for less time and cost for transport. Many cases of crime, danger, hunger, pollution, environmental damage and imbalance, and poverty are well-known in this area. This is why planning is needed within the environment that development in society and economy should be dealt.

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Society Is considered to be developed so that the every person within the community must be improved, and their thinking abilities should be broad enough to think for different solutions to develop the area. With the society Improved, economy of this place may be developed in many ways to gain control of the environment through their knowledge of the proper use of every source within the area according to its location. Therefore, through social and economic development and proper maintenance, everything should be planned accordingly, leading towards sustainability.

Key;rods: 1 . Environmental Planning – a series of Intellectual processes containing actions and leslies towards the environment, whether manmade or natural; a process of sustaining, conserving, and managing the environment and development within a locality 2. Sustainability – the process of conserving especially of an environment; maintenance of constancy 3. Economic Development – development through the economy of a certain location wherein It contributes enhancement In the state of a controlling government over that certain location 5.

Economy – deals with the monetary and the level of a certain area according to its income and number of developments II. Background Tendon is one of the districts of Manila, where it is known to be a place with many historical events yet the one of the poorest and most undeveloped places in the country. It is the birthplace of some of the Philippine heroes, politicians, and popular Filipino artists and celebrities, such as Andrea Boniface, Fernando Poe Jar. , etc.

Many historical events have covered in the past times of Tendon, including its well-known festival, the Always Festival. It is also known as the center of businesses in Manila, wherein such malls and markets of dry goods are to be found, wherein it is located ear the port, a good location of trade and sea transportation. It is also known for having the most of the small businesses, such as lulling (charcoal producer) and other small production of materials. However, Tendon is well-known for its record of one of the places having the most number of crimes, vices, and poverty.

Aside from having the abovementioned historical values and business characteristics, Tendon is one of the most polluted district of Manila, wherein the damp site, known as the Smokey mountain, is located, effecting the health, lives, and, most importantly, the environment of the residents and the living organisms nearby. Tendon, therefore, is the most unsafe place in Manila, wherein there are records of murder, theft, and other crimes. Therefore many cases in Tendon have to be studied in order to conduct a solution to the problems in the environment of Tendon.