Social Development in the Middle Age

Separation – taking off the masks or personae we wear in different situations and assessing who we are under the masks; rejecting your personae, even if only temporarily, and feeling largely uncertain about who you are 3. Reintegration ; feeling more certain of who you are and adopting more appropriate personae 4. Individuation – recognizing and integrating the conflicts that exist within us, and achieving a balance between them Small nagging bouts may appear, perhaps followed by a series of dramatic, apparently irrational events leading up to great change.

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During it all, men and women ask themselves questions such as: Is this all there is? Am I a failure? Symptoms and behaviors during mid-life crisis can range from mild to severe, including: ; Boredom and exhaustion, or frantic energy Self-questioning Daydreaming ; Irritability, unexpected anger Acting on alcohol, drug, food or other compulsions Greatly decreased or increased sexual desire Sexual affairs, especially with someone much younger

Greatly decreased or increased ambition o social clock -the culturally preferred timing of social events such as marriage, parenthood, and retirement -biological clock The biological clock is the mechanism found within living organisms that coordinates the timing of physiological functions and behaviors to the natural day-night cycle Examples: The biological clock controls the body’s satellites through the release of hormones based on the time of day Social Development in the Middle Age By Herculean -The healthy adult one who can love and work and the is part of there aspect fife (usually at about 40, give or take 20 years).

It is a natural process and it is a normal part of maturing. – The mid-life transition or crisis can also be approached stages are as follows: 1 . Accommodation – presenting ourselves as different people in who you are 3. Reintegration – feeling more certain of who you are and adopting retirement -?biological clock.