Span Development

Chapter 9 Life Span Development Development refers to the pattern of continuity and change in human capabilities that occurs throughout the course of life. To understand childhood in all its dimensions, we must begin before it even starts, with prenatal development. Prenatal development begins with conception. Conception occurs when a single sperm trot the male merges filth the female’s egg to produce a zygote. A single cell with 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 from the father. Development from zygote to tutus is divided into three periods: The Germinal, Embryonic, and the Fetal period.

As the brain develops, thinking matters. Cognitive development refers to how thought, intelligence, and language processes change as people mature. Jean Pigged believed children actively construct their cognitive world as they go through series of stages. Attachment is important in development. Can always remember being attached to my mother, and It carried over to my adulthood. My mother Is my world and the true deflation of what d mother Is. She’s always there for me and my sisters, and always our loudest cheerleader.

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I can remember playing my first year on the girls varsity team. I was the new face to make the team, and I also made the starting lineup. Every game no matter what her work schedule was she always was in attendance. Sometimes I would get nervous before a big game and excited at the same time, but would look u In stands at my mother’s smiling face and tell relaxed. She Is Just always so positive and calm In the midst of any adversity. A couple times I had some college scouts come to see me play, and even d big university named Texas A.

A pep from the Houston Comets even asked my mother could I come and tryout for the women’s professional basketball team. She was so impressed and supportive through my whole basketball journey Also she would keep all my trophies and medals and put them up around the house The love she shows me to this day is the mall reason why our bond Is so strong. We talk everyday on the phone, and I go visit her on my off days throughout the week. I can not Imagine life without my mother because she’s always been there when no one else was, and the love and nurturing was highly appreciated.