Specific target group

Now when I have decided what to advertise, I have to come up with the technique. When it comes to techniques, there are varieties of techniques that can be used for this project! Although I think the most effective ones would be billboards, videos or websites because they allow us to add a lot of creative images, effective text and animations. Other forms like ppt, a poster or something similar wouldn’t be appropriate. Poster because it’s not big enough to create a good ad and ppt because it makes no sense to create a ppt for 30 sec long ad.

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But video or a billboard would be great! Billboard is enormous and a lot of pictures and huge letters could fit on it. It could also be presented so that many people can see it. Statistics claim that billboards are more successful for 20% than other ads because they are usually placed by the roads, so when people drive and there is usually a traffic jam, they notice it. Unfortunately, this is mostly for target group that includes middle aged men, and they are not my target group.

Teenagers wouldn’t be so attracted by this ad because they don’t drive and usually while walking most of them listens to music or uses their cell phones or just don’t take notice about billboards and similar things. Also billboard is an expensive form of advertising and therefore, it isn’t an appropriate technique for a high school project. Website is an interesting form of advertising and really popular. I already had some experience in making websites so from that angle it wouldn’t represent a problem.

Also creating websites offers many creative and attractive ways of advertising something. I could include a short animation or a video in it and add some music as a background. This would be catchy and interesting especially for my target group. Also this would be really great because most of teenagers spend a lot of time surfing the web and they could easily find my website and explore it. Another great characteristic would be that I could easily question those people who have seen it as a part of my evaluation.

But when I make the website, I have a problem of putting it online. It would require paying space on the internet and since I have never done this before, it would be complicated for me to put it online. This is a huge obstacle. If I make a video for my ad, it would have to be long somewhere between 30 and 40 seconds. It can be made in many different ways. I could use real characters and make a story and make it funny. A video would also require a nice camera. Since we had several projects that involved making videos, I am equipped.

Another thing needed would be a good movie making program. I also have some experience with that too. There are several programs I used, like Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas and Cyber Link Power Director. Windows Movie Maker I used several times and I’m pretty familiar with it. The other too, not so much, but I think I could manage. It would be really good to experience some more complicated programs such as those. But I don’t think that such short ad will require so much editing.

If I make a video, I will only need some cutting, adding music and maybe some basic special effects. So, it wouldn’t be a mistake if I used some simple program. It would take me a lot less time. I could also add some music that attracts people of young age. The video would also probably contain several young people (probably high school students). This wouldn’t be a problem for me because I’m a high school student myself, so I could just ask some of my friends to participate in the video or hold the camera for me.

On the other side, presenting a video would be the easiest way and definitely the most affordable way. So, billboards and websites include paying a price and therefore are not so affordable, although both of those techniques have great characteristics. On the other side, video is the most suitable technique for this product because it has the widest range of possibilities and it doesn’t involve money. Also, the way of presenting it is really simple and many people will be able to see it and even comment it. This is important because of my evaluation of the product.

So, I chose video as a technique for my ad. AOI Environments is the best area of interaction for this project because most ads have economical and social impact in the area where we live. For many people in my city, Sarajevo, the primary source of income is the work in one of marketing companies. Also even more important factor, is that there are many ads made by organizations from the protection of environment that inform people how bad situation is and how we should do more to protect our fields, water, forests, and animal habitats.