Staff Structure

At the top is the Principal & chief Executive (Michele Sutton), under her are four key executive levels namely: Executive Director Finance, Executive Director Teaching Learning & Curriculum, Executive Director Performance Management, Executive Director Corporate Services.

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Under these Executive Directors are ten Assistant Directors, they are Assistant Director for Business & Workforce Development (under Executive Director Finance), Assistant Director for Business & Creative Sector, Assistant Director for Learner Services, Assistant Director for Teaching Health & Care, Assistant Director for Essential skills, Assistant Director for Learning Development, Assistant Director for Improvement & Performance, Assistant Director for Community & Vocational Education, Assistant Director for Young People and Assistant Director for change Management & External Relations (www.

bradfordcollege. ac. uk, visited: 003/04/07) Chart attached for complete Stall Structure ( 425words) Market Analysis of the Organisation (Bradford College) SWOT. Academic Strengths Bradford College being the second largest institution in the country with a student body of around 30,000, has many of strengths and advantages over other colleges in the North of England if not the whole of England Bradford College has offered vocational and degree courses for more than 30 years.

Bradford College offers more university level qualifications than any other college in England with approximately 170 full and part time HE courses to choose from. All undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by Bradford College are accredited by Leeds Metropolitan University, while other higher education and vocational qualifications are awarded by Edexcel (BTEC) and other national organisations.

The College is a founder member of BASELT (British Association of State English Language Teaching) and all the language courses are validated by the British Council through the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme. Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) Bradford College is the only college amongst 33 universities, and independent training bodies to be awarded training status for this significant new post-graduate area. Facilities Strengths The College’s halls of residence are only five to 10 minutes’ walk away from the main college

Building and offer accommodation for approximately 1,000 students. All accommodation at Bradford College is self catering with cookers and fridge-freezers provided in the kitchen areas, a laundry in the main building and a refectory which is open during the week for meals and refreshments Bradford College runs an integrated computer network across the campus. IT courses are available at every level and the College has adopted industry-standard software and equipment.

The library houses more than 180,000 books, 1,300 journal titles and an extensive range of electronic information services, including the internet, email and CD-Rom databases. Student life Student at Bradford College can take advantage of the many societies operating through the Students Union, which caters for most cultural, political, sporting, intellectual and social tastes. Guide for International Students, which deals with everything from obtaining entry clearance and making foreign exchange arrangements, to dealing with transport and banking services, immigration and medical authorities. Weaknesses

Obviously in every organisation there are always rooms for improvement and in the case of Bradford College and Learning Services or Sue Carroll Centre (My Work Experience Areas), the Information Technology facilities needs updating considering the dynamic nature of Technology, also a web site for The Learning Services, one may see this as weaknesses of Bradford College as an organisation. (www. bradfordcollege. ac. uk , visited: 04/04/07) (409 words) Opportunities Bradford College is moving from strength to strength and considering the wave of new developments, there are a lot of opportunities facing the organisation.

In the area of Information Technology, Bradford College has lunched a flagship IT Learning Centre based right in the heart of the city and the crucial skills it delivers are central to Bradford’s regeneration. The centre actually opened it doors in September and by the official launch on 9th February, it was a runaway success, with over 700 students registered. The working people of Bradford now have access to IT on the high street. Bradford College has been appointed as one of five Deloitte Regional Employability Centres to deliver prestigious new training.

Bradford College will become a centre of excellence for training in and delivery of employability skills. A major initiative by Deloitte promises to train 800 experienced college teachers to train students in employability skills over the next five years. The partnership signed with Leeds Metropolitan University could be seen as another opportunity for Bradford College, it formalises the commitment of the two institutions to work closely together in the future on a wide range of collaborative activities for the benefit of the people of Bradford in particular and West Yorkshire in general.

The agreement includes a validation arrangement through which students on many degree courses at the College will graduate with degrees from Leeds Metropolitan University. In view of all these opportunities, one can see a brighter future for Bradford College as organisation possible threats could be Government policies and changes in technology. Government policies have reduced funding for Community Education which means a number of these classes have had to close. A change in Technology means that the College must be up to date and efficient in this area.