Stage of development

After the preschool age come the school age stage the child will learn coping skills for social and academic demands this will deal with school from ages 6 to 11. The adolescence stage is next with is the ages of 1 18 this stage is where the social relationships come into play. Teens need to find their sense of self and their personality. If this does not pan out correctly this can lead to failure and confusion of self-worth. The sixth stage is Young adulthood ages are 19-40. This stage deals with intimate and loving relationship with a partner.

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If the young adult does not deal with the outside world this can lead to loneliness and isolation. After this stage is middle adulthood ages 40 to 65. In this age range the adults are working and creating lives for themselves and their families. They need to feel useful in this stage or this can lead in results in a shallow involvement in the world. The final stage is Maturity which contains the ages of 65 up until death. The elders need to feel a sense of fulfillment; this can lead to feelings of wisdom. If they o not feel this sense of fulfillment will result in regret, bitterness and despair.

Teachers need realize that students go to school for a living that is their job. Teachers need to keep the rejection down in the classroom as well as isolation, controversial and popularity. Teachers need to work with the parents and the school administrators to fulfill the students’ education in a positive way instead of a negative way. Kids need to have fun in classroom as they are developing into young adults. School is where the child will look back measure their social success when they hit adolescences and young adulthood. Tag of development By Lullabies is Infancy, Early childhood, Preschool, School Age, Adolescence, Young adulthood, Middle Adulthood, and Maturity. Infancy stage is the sense of trust and with lack of begin to become independent which will lead to the feeling of success, such as toileting. At the preschool age 3 to 5 the child will be beginning the exploring stage with school from ages.