Stages of Development: a Review of the Movie, the Ward

* Introduction The Ward was a movie that talked about Alice who was suffering from Dissociation Identity Disorder (DID). The movie begun with a young lady-Kristin that caught by polices after burning down an old farmhouse and then was sent and locked in the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital. At there, Kristin met Dry. Gerald Stringer-a psychiatrist and also Emily, Sarah, Zoe and Iris-other personalities.

After some procedure of body checking, Kristin was put into a room that belonged to Timmy-a personality that already disappeared on the night before Kristin came; in that room, Kristin found some uncombined bracelet’s pieces with alphabet on them but Kristin could not solve the combination until she met Alice Leigh Hudson- the original personality. The bracelet was belonged to Alice. After that, all personalities were disappeared or killed by Alice one by one and Kristin was trying so hard to run away from being killed; so, she seeks help from Dry. Gerald Stringer. Dry.

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Stringer told Kristin the truth that she was one of the personalities of Alice as Alice was suffering from DID due to her sexually abuse experiences where she was kidnapped by a trainer and imprisoned in the farmhouse that Kristin burned down and was raped by the kidnapper for 2 years during her childhood (Carnival, 2010). At the end of the movie, Kristin disappeared and Alice was fully recovered from DID but… DID was a psychological disorder where the patient will have at least two identities that take turn to control the patient’s behavior (Barlow & Duran, 2009). The Personalities We believed that Lice’s multiple personality disorder started due the incident where she was sexually abuse for two years without any daylight and social contact. Multiple personality disorder is associated with memory lost when an alternate part of the personality becomes dominant (Injuries, Hart, ; Steele, 2010). We take that Alice was found by the local authorities. In these two years, we believed that Alice had lost her memories of her past and was sent to a mental institution by her parents to be treated by Dry. Stringer.

The stages of development showed in the movie are only up to the young adulthood stage which is intimacy versus isolation from about age 19 to 35. But, in Lice’s case, this theory was not able to surpass the third stage because Lice’s life span is rather abnormal. This is because, Erosion’s psychosocial stages of development suits best for normal life style rather than abnormal ones (Hall, 2001). In the first stage, the oral-sensory stage, Babies learn either to trust or mistrust others based on their needs such as food, water and comfort (Million, n. . ). We assumed that Alice has successfully dealt with the crisis and learns to trust others. Evident to assume are when Alice was sent to the ward, it was a very expensive ward that was paid by her parents in hopping to cure her from multiple identity disorder proofs how much love her parents had made when she was having this condition (Before, 2006). If her parents were able to do that now, why near parents would not De caring Ana loving when seen was an Intent . Inure are certain criteria that need to be met before an infant successfully deals with it.

For example, babies needs need to be met and from there, they learn to trust people and expect life to be pleasant. In the autonomy versus shame and doubt stage, toddlers start to realize that they can control their own behavior and learnt either to be self sufficient in many activities or doubt their own abilities (Chapman, 2011). We assumed Alice managed to pass this stage because from all her character that she manifest, only one shows some signs of self-doubt and shame for being unsuccessful.

She was Zoe who showed them while others do not show obvious actions. The third stage of Erosion’s stages of development is initiative versus guilt. At this point, Alice was kidnapped from her family and obviously failed to complete this stage which leads her to be feeling irresponsible, anxious, and guilty (Carline, ; White, 2006). The kidnapping incident traumatized young Alice and caused her to develop multiple personalities to express her fear, unsatisfactory, responsibilities, love and much more.

We think that Alice developed multiple personality disorder because she felt it best to cope with stress by manifesting it into different-different types of personality where each personality describes one’s personality like a psychological defense mechanisms. Psychological defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies brought into play by various entities to cope with reality and to maintain self-image (Enclose¦did Britannica, 2012). In this case, Alice was under the old personality structure.

The old is the unrecognized part of the personality structure which seeking to avoid pain or splashier aroused by increases in instinctual tension (Rectory, 1968). As a result, Alice automatically fails the first and second stages because she was sexually abuse which caused her to mistrust and having doubt on herself. We believe this failure and sexual abuse have made strong correlation with her personality disorder. Kristin was the latest and last personality that appeared after Tommy’s death.

She escaped from the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital to burn down an old farmhouse where she was sexually abused. She seems to be manifesting Lice’s sense of reality where her ego is showing out through Keratin’s personality. Ego is part of personality that mediates the demands of the id, the superego and reality (Ruth, 2006). The ego prevents us from acting on our basic urges, but also works to achieve a balance with our moral and idealistic standards (Ruth, 2006). This personality shows that Kristin is motivated to find out the truth behind these unusual incidents in Lice’s mind set.

It looks like self-determination theory and self-schema is applied in this character. Example, Kristin believes that she is not mentally unstable and this was all Just a mistake and believes she is real so does the other characters. Besides that, Kristin is a very motivated person. She showed it in the movie where she tries to escape the ward for quite a number of times and after each failure, she returns as a stronger individual. According to Sailing’s theory of moral development, Kristin seems to have reached the level of morality of nonviolence.

To reach the morality of nonviolence, the individual needs to have a few characteristics like seeing self and others morally equal, assumes responsibilities for own decisions, basic tent to hurt no one including self, conflict between selfishness and selflessness, and self- judgment is not dependent on others’ perception but rather on consequences and Intentions AT Acton (Innate, 2 ) I Nils centralists Is snow Day Kristin Tort a Tee events on the movie. This personality plays the biggest part in the movie. Timmy was the first personality that disappeared or has been eliminated at the beginning of the movie.

According to the movie, Timmy was the culprit who suggested to get rid of Lice’s personality. She managed to convince the other four personalities to team up and kill Alice-the real personality (Organelle, n. D. ). Through this event, we founded hat Timmy learnt to act this was from the past when she was at the farmhouse, the man tied her up leave her motionless to conduct his actions easier. The violence personality and hatred towards Lice’s original personality give her a reason to repeat such attempt towards Alice.

For example, Timmy and the other 3 girls forced Alice down to the floor so that she could not move and suffocated her in Tommy’s room. In our opinion, the violence personality inflected towards her developed a new personality which is Timmy proved that she is planning to destroy herself in the past o emerge a new and stronger personality to replace her old bully attitude. This is called as Goal setting where Timmy planed everything and managed to succeed. After Tommy’s personality was destroyed, her ‘room’ was taken by Kristin.

On the other hand, Iris was the split personality of Alice that shows kindness where she was so nice and soft-spoken to everyone. She also seems to be very cleared of each of every personality such as their appearance, attitude, hobby and others more (Organelle,n. D. ). Therefore, Iris seems to believe that one day she will be able to be lease from the ward which shows self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the belief that one is capable of performing in a certain manner to attain a certain set of goals (Pajamas, 2002). When the new personality-Kristin comes in, Iris was the one that introduce all of them to her.

This personality shows the kindness and careful personality of Alice that always wanted to get others’ friendly feedback but she was suffered from the childhood trauma. Iris was treated by using iatrogenic method. Dry. Stringer used techniques to recover her memory by hypnosis (Weinberg, Ship, ; Ransom, 000). This personality was the second personality that was ‘killed’. Sarah was the one who care the most of her physical appearance among other personalities in the ward. Sarah seems to be a personality that Alice projected as an ideal self.

An ideal self is an idealized version of yourself created out of what you have learned from your life experiences, the demands of the society, and what you admire in your role models (Higgins, 1987). Her behavior of seeking for love attention might have been caused by the trauma she had experienced as a child. For example, she flirts with a ale nurse in the ward for a date but was rejected. She is also very selfish as she did not care what others doing. Through this personality, we found out that when Alice is stress, she always releases them by flirting with other people where the drive theory is applied.

The term drive theory is a negative state of tension is created when these needs are not satisfied (Changing Minds, 2012). Sarah also shows signs of depression because her mood is constantly low, have negatives thought and often having mood swings. For example, when Iris told everyone that she is about to leave the ward, Sarah was the first to break her hopes by telling no one will be allowed to leave the ward because that is impossible. Besides that, Emily was the personality that shows positive thinking from Lice’s point of view as she will always bring Joyful to others in the ward.

She appears to be an extroversion person because she was so happy and seems to nave no worries or trouble all ten time. An extroversion person Is ten act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with and obtaining gratification from what is outside the self (Informality. Info, 2012). Extravert’s tend to enjoy unman interactions and to be enthusiastic, talkative, assertive, and gregarious. But, when Kristin talked to her about Alice, she was frightened and afraid to talk because the fear of get the same outcome Just like the other personalities because she was also involved in killing Alice.

This personality could shows the happiness side of Alice that did not wanted to be in fear, trouble all the time after her traumatic event. We assumed that Emily moral development is at the level from goodness to truth. This is because, Emily makes her decisions based on intention and consequences, not cause of others’ responses and considers need of herself and needs of others (Lepton, 2000). After Sarah, Emily was killed. There was a little girl named Zoe who seems to have adapted the collectivist culture.

Collectivism usually focuses on community, society, or nation and stresses the priority of group goal over individual goal and the importance of cohesion within social groups (Rather & Huh’, 2003). This little girl was always in fear of something will happen in the ward. She wanted to be protected by someone else and she was so attached and dependent to the other personalities. In our opinion, this little girl shows how frightened Alice was when she was in the traumatic event where she felt so helpless and loneliness where no one could help her at that time.

Zoe also seems to be suffering from Postgraduates stress disorder (OPTS). OPTS is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma. For example, when Alice appeared in front of her, she remembered the event of how the other personality teams up to get rid of Lice’s original personality and she was in shocked and could not move or run. Zoe also have an ambivalent attachment. Ambivalent attachment is always feels anxious because the caregivers availability is never consistent (Bowl, 1999).

For example, when Zoe is afraid, Sarah always tease her for her attitude, in some occasions Kristin might calm her down, Iris will Just defend Zoe verbally and Emily will hug her and calm her down. In a nut shell, early childhood plays an important role in further life. How a child is raise have a big impact towards his character and attitude in the future. Besides being raise, parent’s attitudes and the environment too plays a role in educating the child. Serious trauma occurred in life gives a higher chance for the child to be mentally unstable.