Stages of InnovationProduct Development ServicesStage Gate

Innovation product at every stage innovation Market Feasibility We identify a need or a problem in the marketplace that we believe you can provide a solution for for. We navigate complex market structures in a way that BP can deliver a strong value proposition. Business Feasibility ability o Our financial analysis helps determines where BP will make money, how BP is going to make money, and what it will take to build and launch any product.

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We thoroughly identify the risks associated with the product and provide contingencies. Technology Feasibility o The GAPS PDP process builds on the principles of speed and quality to determine the WHAT, the HOW, and the HOW MUCH. E write the product specs for our development group to build. 02007 Stages of Innovation Co’s systematic and methodological process achieves the highest degree of results We then validate and refute internal, external and market assumptions.

Why do customers want to switch to our product Evaluating concepts for viability A set of 8 dimensions are used to determine the attractiveness and parameterization of products & services Size of market opportunity How large is the opportunity? Growth of market Is the market growing or contracting? Strength of customer relationships Can we leverage existing relationships with our customers? Value creation How do we create a competitive advantage? To what extent is the market regulated?

Degree of competitive density What is the structure of the market and who are the leaders? Value delivery What barriers of entry exist? Window of opportunity duration How long of a window do we have? Design & Feasibility Successful products start with requirements management Gathering customer Requirements… But they weren’t fully understood… … So back to the drawing board.. … But somehow not getting it quite right! Identifying Functional Gap Analysis ;Much of what we do is to help you determine the quickest way to achieve your objectives.

New Extension Features ;Prioritize the investment necessary to bring products to market it ;Develop short-term, interim-term and long-term rodents Augmentation Core Existing Capabilities ;Add capabilities that are needed in the right place A four-staged process built on the principles of speed and Requirements Analysis defines the WHAT o The goal is to document all function/feature, performance and user interfacing requirements of the solution that meets the customers needs Design Analysis describes the HOW o Design essentially transforms the requirement into a blueprint that outlines data structures, architecture.