Stages through developmental psychology

She is extroverted and she enjoys social interactions and tends to be enthusiastic, verbal, assertive, and active. She told me that she enjoys large social gatherings, such as parties and cooking large meals for her family and friends. She is a nurturer and a caregiver. Her weaknesses are that Maria is very talkative and not a good listener at times. She has no history of any medical issues in her family. Maria believes that the best thing in life is family and that is what she values most. All through her pregnancy she had no issue with her health. She talks bout the early symptoms which include headaches, nausea and lower backaches.

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In the first three months of her pregnancy, Maria said she slept more often, but it was a restless sleep. She felt sleepier during the day and was having more difficulty sleeping at night than before she was pregnant. She knew that she needed to eat healthy for her and her son, so she made sure that she increased her intake of protein, folic acid, iron and calories. She was twenty six years old when she got pregnant with Juan. Maria felt that she was very active while pregnant with Juan cause she already had two other young children and she was always running around after them.

She didn’t smoke or drink alcohol during any of her pregnancies. She did have a lot of prenatal care from her doctor and never missed any appointments. Juan fell in the 95th percentile at 36 months on the growth chart. He was extremely bright and he had the abilities to learn very fast. Maria said Juan did everything a little faster than an ordinary child. His cognitive abilities with memory and problem solving were above average and Maria felt he was always learning to do hinges by himself. He exhibited the Piglet’s seniority thinking and operational thinking.

Even though during his seniority stage he had limited knowledge of the world, he still was more advanced than others is age. During his operational stage he started reading and he definitely exceeded the expected milestones. During his first stage of the Erosion’s psychosocial stage, Juan was very nurtured by his mother Maria so he gained a lot of trust in her and he had a very secure attachment. Juan wanted to do everything by himself, like using the toilet by myself and brushing his teeth during the second stage. Juan became more active during the third stage always rough housing with his brothers.

Maria was very involved in Jean’s preschool activities. She volunteered to come in and help out during all the class parties and events. Maria helped Juan understand his feelings, good and bad, and he was shaped to behave almost Just like the image of Maria herself. Juan showed a lot of empathy for others and was a very loving child. Because Juan was the youngest of three he always had to share with his brothers. He as very attached to his mother, never wanting to leave her side. Maria said that Juan had lots of memories growing up.

They took many vacations to the ocean and camping as a family. He was always acting more than his age, very active, and loved outdoor activities like soccer and swimming. Juan had a rapid growth in height between ages 9. 5 and 14. 5, peaking at around age 13. His motor skills begin to develop earlier, which helps explain why he always seem happy drawing, coloring, painting and cutting things out of paper and she was often more satisfied sitting still s he is somewhat stalks. During elementary school years Juan was very advanced in doing his schoolwork.

He was very physically fit as a child and he loved playing sport with other children. Though out the processes of cognitive development he was able to master problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through to adolescence. He never lacked ideas or an opinion and he was always learning from others. Jean’s father was not around after he was born so he was raised solely by his mother. They had a very close relationship and while she was very caring Maria was also very strict. She would punish her son’s with timeouts and if necessary she would spank them.

The lack of his father did not have any negative effects on Jean’s development. Instead, Maria believes this made Juan want to be a better man for his mother and his brothers. Juan had a large circle of friends. He was never the type to stay inside playing video games or watching television. Juan loved to be outdoors and was very active, He loved soccer in basketball later in his adolescence and was very skilled at all physical activities he participated in, Jean’s older brother’s spoke tit him about sexual maturation and puberty.

He developed normally and did not go through any negative effects because of this. He did not struggle with his weight because he and his brothers were so active. He was generally happy going through all the different stages in life. Maria believes in teaching a child to feels good about themselves and not to think about what others are saying. His social and emotional needs did not interfere with his way of thinking because he was always given the chance to express his feelings and thoughts with his family.

Juan said that he was ware of his social status and he felt the need to behave in a way that maintains his positive image. Any behavior that may be socially unacceptable to his peers, elders, or mother was not acceptable. He was never into drugs or drinking. Juan always wanted to keep his nose clean and make Maria proud. As he was going through the four identity stage, he was most worried about his self-identity. Without a father Juan sometimes struggled making decisions that would prove he was a good young man.

He questioned what was right and wrong sometimes, but he always looked to his other and thought if she would approve or not. Jean’s self-esteem and values were very high, he never let any factors affects his life negatively. Juan is an honorable and respectful young man who has a bright future ahead of him. His amazing mother, Maria did a commendable Job raising him as a single mother and she is doing everything in her power to raise Juan in the right way. He is respectful and well behaved from what I learned as I was interviewing Juan and Maria. I know Juan makes his mother very proud.