Statement on Ethical Policy

“We source products from all over the world and recognise our responsibility for the conditions under which these goods are manufactured. We seek to ensure that the manufacturing process doesn’t involve abuse of basic human rights, that working conditions are safe and wage rates fair, and that there’s no use of child labour or force labour” Ethical trading The issue of ethical trading is extremely important to Boots and is a very sensitive area. The Boots company is working alongside other leading retailers and the British retail Consortium to protect the rights of employees that manufacture goods even in third world countries.

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Boots is also a member of the ethical Trading Initiative, which is an independent organisation that agrees on standards for employment. With regards to employment in the Far East Boots insists only to do business with those manufacturers that meet certain predetermined standards such as > Pay scales are monitored to make sure that they are above average and so are the facilities for example dormitories, three nutritious meals a day, recreational amenities. > Organisation is monitored to make sure all employees are above the legal age of employment and there is no child labour or force labour.

Boots is now trying to ensure universal compliance with this code that they have adopted with ethnic trading and is determined to do whatever is necessary to protect the health and well being of those who provide their labour to help manufacture goods for Boots. Animal testing Statement against animal testing “No animal testing of any kind is undertaken or commissioned by the Boots company or its subsidiary businesses” Boots would like to see an end to animal testing. Boots gives financial and technical support to the development and introduction of alternative forms of safety training.

But Boots recognises until satisfactory replacements are available, the safety test will be carried out by others and some will involve ingredients used in products manufactured by Boots to meet regulations. But Boots is try to help develop a replacement but until a satisfactory replacement is developed others will still carry out safety test on animals. Environmental policy Boots is committed to look after the environment and to conduct all its activity with regard for environmental issues and believes that good environmental practise is needed a for a business to become successful.

Managers in each of the branches are responsible for environmental matters that arise to that particular branch. A group of environmental mangers check the whole of the company’s activity to see good environmental conduct is taking place. The four Key principles that are integrated into the business management regarding environmental matters are: ; Reducing the environmental impact arising from the company’s activities. > Making sure materials and energy are not wasted and are used efficiently. > Encouraging re-cycling. > Including the principles of sustainable development

These are the principles against which all Boots activities are tested against to make sure they are followed. These activities that are tested are from design through to production, distribution, administration and disposal. Also Boots participates in many international and national schemes including the WorldWide Fund for Nature, they seek way of working with customers and suppliers to protect the environment. Producing high quality products or offering high quality service ” Cheap drugs would be dear if they were cheap and nasty.

Nasty to palate many drugs are bound to be; but worse is the nastiness of bad quality” Jesse Boot, 1887 Boots have believed in high quality and a good service from the very start. Also Boots believes high quality and a good service does not mean that the product will be very expensive i. e. if you want a good quality product and service you have to pay over the odds for the product, certainly not Boots believe in value for money. When Boots sells a product it wants to give customer what they except or even more than they expect.

Therefore high quality products and a high quality service is one of the many important objectives Boots has. Boots commitment to quality is not a recent concern, but is in fact a philosophy, which has been in progress for over 150 year. This philosophy includes all aspects of the business includes customer service, management and production of goods. Boots conducts half a million tests each year on products, raw materials and packaging. This commitment to quality is one of the reasons that BCM is now a major contract manufacturer in Europe.

BCM is a Leading company in Britain and in Europe it provides them with quality toiletries, cosmetics and over-the-counter medicine. Quality is emphasised in every aspect of Boots including the laboratories, management practice, training methods, production processes, sales and marketing. P2 describe four function areas of the business, including human resources. Explaining fully how each contributes to the business activity and give examples of job roles associated with each area Boots combine factor of production to produce their products and service.

Boots use their assets and employees in particular ways. A combination of these factors means the business has to carry out range of functions. These are * Finance * Human resources * Marketing * Administration * Research and development Finance and accounts The chief accountant in Boots is responsible for accounts and finance and is supported by well-qualified accountants. The accounts and finance are looked at care fully; the department has to look at income and the outflow of money. Today accounts are put on ICT files; this makes it simple and easy to read.

The process of accounting is divided into two subdivisions in this: The financial accounting functions The financial accounts concern with the record of transaction. At the end of a certain period, accounts are prepared to provide summary statement, which are called final accounts. By using this information shareholders know how the directors and managers have performed on their behalf. The figures and ratios of these accounts can be extracted which provides indication of performance this also shows the debtors and creditors how well the business has performed.

The management accounting function Information from the financial accounts is important, but it only deals with the company as a whole and with the past. Management accounts deal with the future of Boots and provide information to directors and mangers so they can plan, control and make decisions about the future of Boots. It helps improve on past performance so the future can be even better for Boots. It guides Boots in a certain direction to aid it to meet its aims and objectives. Boots closely monitors this area of the business to make sure it operates efficiently and effectively.