Statutory requirements

Like in many other companies , The Carrefour P. D. has to write policies and procedures on recruitment and selection , designing jobs etc. In Romania when the first hypermarket was opened in Brasov, the selection and the Group interview were very complex. Each new applicant has to pass a lot of stages. First all people must complete some application forms very complex and suggestive. It’s a company presentation included also. The second stage , only the people with the right profile for the job that they applied, are chosen . Next, the applicants need to pass psychological, performance ,attitudes ,medical, and graphic response tests.

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After that is the basic interview. All these stages took place in 10 hours each day , for 2 days. It’s a difficult activity to interview 300-500 hundreds of applicants in the same time, but reduces costs. Employee relations and help in manage change The group started since 2002 the progressive reorganisation of the cashier department with the installation of management by small islands. The small cash desk island is a system of cashier schedules management which seeks to reconcile the wishes of paid in term of working time, with the needs related to the activity for the store.

A small island is composed of 20 or 30 hostesses of cash desk with different or complementary working time wishes, sociological profiles, different ages. Each employee integrates in his organisation the module, in order to hold account of his personal constraints , of the constraints of his colleagues and those of the store. This activity makes it possible to answer to triple objective: to improve the organisation image near the customer(speed, kindness), to optimize the working hours, to consider the needs and the constraints of the personal life of each employee.

Payment administration and employee benefits The motivation is ensured by a policy of remuneration and profit sharing. The P. D. is involved in managing 2 investment funds and saving plans. The wage is organised within a legal and tax framework . The benefits for the employee includes Human Resource Management-Carrefour Holiday bonuses ,subsidised canteen, vouchers ,luncheon voucher schemes etc. Also is a monthly competition between employees called “The employee of the month”. They must respect all the job duties and responsibilities very strictly.

Training In Romania Carrefour initiated a local training program four Romanian young people ,in collaboration with other Romanian companies. This project is initiated for providing future employee in the companies involved. Also exist programs like “Euromanager Tournament” or “Le Hive” to support the employee involvement in the organisation. Meet social and legal responsibilities within the employment field The Carrefour Group respects all the legal duties and the International Labour Legislation and is involved in different charity events.

Each store has its own organisation structure with medical department, separate place for the employee where the employees can take lunch. 4. Role of the personnel function The role of P. D. is to enable, to facilitate different activities, to guide, to support, to empower the employee from the organisation. It also offer consulting for all the employees and managers also. Manual systems and computerised systems Carrefour is a big company and is essential to have an information system that works out with effectiveness and agility, providing relevant information at the right time.

Statutory requirements All the legal responsibilities are fulfil. The Group is subject to different types of audit so , the statutory requirements are an important part from the company life. Being a company orientated on people needs, Carrefour designs its policies on employee and customers needs obeying the work legislation. 7. Evaluation the effectiveness of the Personnel Department The Personnel Department cannot assume that everything it does is correct . Error happen. Policies and practices become outdated.

Carrefour Personnel Department use self-audits for evaluate their effectiveness. But more information about this ,there will be in the presentation paper. 8. Conclusion The Carrefour Group comprises a highly successful group of retail brands . The Group’s success depends greatly on its employees. Recruits to the business are given high quality training and the opportunity to progress in their careers. Working at Carrefour provides the opportunity for a highly challenging and rewarding career for young people.