Stimuli-Mix in Consumer Behaviour

Before attempting to construct the stimuli-mix, the work start with an introduction where the meaning of the concept stimuli-mix is explained with a link on consumer behavior. The characteristics of stimuli-mix that are to be considered when advertising were also highlighted. Lastly, some appropriate stimuli-mix were mentioned. Meaning of concept, stimuli-mix: Stimulus is an external event which has the power to provoke behavioral sensation n the receiver.

For example, a smile from a friend which provoke smile in response from the receiver. Stimuli-mix involves various types of stimuli such as kind words, These stimuli- mix are beamed on the mind of consumers. The stimuli-mix produces psychic energy which screens the product/service/brand carrying the stimuli-mix (Jejunum and Enough, 2012:61). It is important to note that our sense modalities are bombarded with environmental stimuli since each stimulus from the physical world competes with one another for attention.

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Because of the fact that our sense organs are incapable of processing all the competing information, some characteristics of the objects in environment help us to attend to the attributes of the object. Such attributes of products which help attract attention include color, size, design and shape (Guy and Nonsense,2002). From stimuli to Reaction: Stimulus Feelings Standpoints Brain Action Source: Postman, 1999. Information assignment means make Stimulus which accept feelings and then assignment to the brain where is all points of view about reality.

Coming impressions s changing by the brain and then formatted reception which help to reach some action (Postman, 1999). Characteristics of stimuli-mix that are to be considered when advertising: I)alt must be positive in content and presentation it) It must be ethical iii) It must be legal ‘v) It must not be controversial v) It must be action oriented, etc The appropriate stimuli-mix for (I) Nigerian Universities (it) Nigerian dishes (iii) Nigerian dressing styles (men and women) and (v) Nigerian Nation. (I) Nigerian Universities: Some of the stimuli-mix that can be adopted are: * Nigerian

Universities for future leaders * You always know your graduation day and date * Steady academic calendar/ no strike * Experienced and seasoned lecturers * Well equipped library * Conducive learning environment * Positive language like: We develop the man who build the nation * Knowledge rules the world * Picture of happy and young graduates celebrating their graduation, etc (ii) Nigerian dishes: Some stimuli-mix include: * Attractive picture of robust looking consumers * Appetizing, palatable Nigerian dishes * Enjoyable cool areas * Smiling healthy Nigerian Attractive picture of Nigerian dishes, etc (iii) Nigerian dressing styles( men and Women): * Picture of well dressed Nigerian celebrities * Images of attractive men and women wearing Nigerian attires * Persuasive language to encourage decent dressing styles e. G.