Strategic Planning and Personal Development

In this assignment I am going to discuss the opportunities that support leadership development also constructing the development plan and implement all these things in the organization. In the next part of the assignment I am assessing the achievements of outcomes of the plan, evaluate the impact of the achievement and also review the entire plan. In the last section I am going to evaluate the impact of corporate commitment to staff welfare on organizational objectives.

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At the end there Is the discussion of different ways in order to make sure the staff welfare environment so that organizational objectives can be achieved easily, and then at the end consider the Influence of a corporate commitment to staff welfare on the development of organizational values. Taking the practical example of Tests, one of the biggest organizations in the UK and USA, there are a lot of strengths of this organization like good, cooperative, dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy staff. There Is proper division of labor among the staff, every one understand their duties fully and properly.

Strategic direction is established during the strategic planning of an organization. During the tragic planning process an organization will create a strategic plan and establish a written vision and statement. (Business dictionary 2011) While taking the practical view In the organization of Tests, In analyzing the strategic direction or the position of Tests , the vision statement provides blueprints of their market position, Monsoons and Schools, 2008). Tests vision statement is to provide the best quality products in low prices.

Tests mission statement is to become a most successful retailer, to beat all the other megastars, (Tests, Morning’s, Kingsbury) for the lowest prices, (TESTS, 011) The strategic direction of Tests is to provide quality products in J, the best customer services, maximize profit for the shareholders, and become a reputable delivery, (TESTS, 2011). I am a retail manager in this organization and my main aims and objective is to be a general manager in the organization of the frozen department in the next three years.

To become general manager I need some skills and also needs to further develop those skills. THE STRATEGIC SKILLS REQUIRED OF THE LEADER TO ACHIEVE THE STRATEGIC AMBITION: Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long -term which achieve advantage for the organization through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations” Monsoons and Schools, 2008) Right at the moment I am capable of some very important skills that can help me to perform my Job roles perfectly.

Some of them are goal setting, business awareness, communication skills, Self responsibility, Resolving customer’s problems, and personal management, customer services skills, good relationship, problem solving, operational skills, leadership skills, customer focus skills. The most powerful point in my personality is strong command over communication; I have very good communication skills.

Good communicational skill is like a key skill in order to get a good position in any public relation organization because I-J is a multi lingual and a multicultural country, people belonging to different areas and culture are my customer and some of them cannot speak English properly, but I can understand by observing their body language and facial expressions, I know two more languages that help me in my customers dealings.

I am also dealing with customer services and sometimes they are facing a lot of different problems such as they are not properly served, they want to exchange the things but they do not know the procedure. I can help them by treating nicely, by telling them all the new deals and listen to them carefully. The second most striking point in my personality is good relationship skills because it is very helpful to inspire others such as employees, customers and myself.

Sometimes I have to face some problems like handling with invoices, shortage of employee, late delivery but I got the ability to handle all such situation. The second skill that I can handle very well is good customer services skills and customer focuses skills, this skills occupies a key position in order to achieve the strategic plan in order to achieve organizational goals as to provide good customer services is the first step for an organization to flourish without this skill it is very hard to achieve the strategic ambitions of the organization.

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXISTING, REQUIRED AND FUTURE SKILLS TO ACHIEVE THE STRATEGIC AMBITION: Existing skills means the skills or abilities I already have and that are relevant to my future goals. Generally it is called as SOOT analysis, it will help me to analyses my present skills and it will impact on my future skills to achieve my strategic objectives, (CM, 2011). SOOT analysis is one of the best technique to analyses yourselves, by using this technique I am able to understand the strong points in my personality, as for example through such analysis I came to know that the most skills.

Other than strong points, through SOOT analysis I can able to carve out my weaknesses, like the some of my weak points are planning skills, result oriented skills, and operational skills, these are the gaps I need to work on them. I have also some opportunities to overcome these gaps in order to improve my skills, I am attending some lectures from a qualified business man who is running an organization and these lectures are helping me in different ways, other than this I am spending my free time in reading autobiographies of great leaders.

I am planning to attend a seminar in Scotland in November 2011, I am also reading some CM books and get diploma, and also going Manchester University for one week classes, in the next month for personal development, these are some of the opportunities that I have to improve my personal development.. There are some threats I have to face as well, the most important one is that I have only three years to achieve my strategic objectives, I have not too much time to achieve my planned objectives, other than shortage of time money is another problem, in order to attend different seminars I need money.

These are the main threats I have faced. THE OPPORTUNITIES TO SUPPORT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: There are a lot of opportunities to develop myself the most important one is paying attention by undertaking a feedback activities, through psychometric analysis, through such analysis all of my weak points comes out because this is a method of assessing my behavior, education is also a source of personal development, such as attending lectures of level 7 diploma in strategic management and leadership.

Other than this I am planning to attend lectures in Scotland University and seminars in Manchester University for personal development. Training is also a big opportunity for personal and leadership development . Monitoring other by other leaders such as Tests, Wilkinson, Morrison etc look at their attitude, behavior, their working patterns and strategies, and see how they deal with the customers, reading different management and leadership books and applying that knowledge in the organization and the most important one is by observing big organization.

A PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN TO DIRECT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: seam (2006) suggest the frame work for constructing a personal development should include setting a smart objectives and allocating a time frame for achieving the objectives that table show below a frame work for my personal development as provided by Beam. Name Ibid Aisha Date 18-7-11 Personal development planning worksheet My career goal is: To become a successful general manager of Tests.

I hope to obtain it by: The next three years. My personal development objective in support of my career goal Personal development objective expected time of completion 1. My first development plan was to get the…… Completed in one year. CM level 7 Diploma in one year ….. (2010-2011) 2. Second personal development plan is attending a seminar…. (25th July 2011-30th July 2011) 3. My third personal development plan was to become a good…. Employed 4. My fifth personal development plan is to become a successful…. Will be completed Therefore I can get a promotion in the next three years…. (2013) The PDP chart shows that the first two objectives I have achieved in the next year, but the next two objectives need a master level degree and to become a successful leader. In order to achieve my objectives it is compulsory for me to fulfill all the objectives in the planned frame of time.

Taking the first objective, in order to achieve that goal I Joined college, after completing my college education I am planning to Join University so that I am able to get my MBA degree. The next objective to become a successful strategic manager and a leader in the next three years is very important in my life planning. After completing my degree I will be able to achieve my goal, and during that time I will be learnt the experience and reduce the limitation and at the end will be able to become a successful strategic leader in my organization.

AN IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT PLAN: To implement process at first I need to identify my personal development goals, capture feedback, plan steps to achieve my development goals, monitor my progress, and continually review my progress, (CM, 2011). I had attended a seminar related to personal development plan and after that I implemented that development plan and owe I am planning to go to ASSAI, to attend another seminar , it costs about 600 pounds, my organization give me 400 pounds and the rest I have to manage myself.

I already paid my college fees for level 7 that is nearly 4000 pounds and I managed that entire amount myself. I already attended different seminars related to personal development that gives me a lot of different in formations, previous two months I am working on my CM level 7 assignments, for this purpose I am learning a lot of books, generals, articles, and magazines newspaper related to personal development.

All of this stuff helps me a lot to improve myself and implement new and latest methods in my organization, so that I can easily achieve my organizational objectives or ambitions. THE ACHIEVEMENT OF OUTCOMES OF THE PLAN AGAINST ORIGINAL OBJECTIVES: Because of a lot of seminars and conferences I am able to improve some of my skills like as before I was very weak in planning skills but now I paid attention in this field and improve this skill.

Different seminars, conferences, lectures, meetings with other managers and specially preparation of CM level 7 now I am able to improve my planning skills, I observed senior managers when they were planning in difficult situation and I learn a lot through them as for example I ordered some long in winter but because of bad weather condition, the order came late now I have long shoes in stock , the most possible step was to save them and sold them in winter but later on I planned to sold them now by using my planning skills as I planned and convinced them that it’s better to buy them now because they are half price now, but in winter the price will go up so you can buy some quality stuff in very less price and n this way I sold a lot of pieces. I made improvement in operational and IT skills, but still I am working on result oriented skills as I am still weak in this side.

I have also improved customer services skills and communication skills, I was good in that but was hesitate in decision making but now I am confident in all fields and I can make decision that I think are better for the organization confidently. These are all the progress that I have made so far with my personal development. THE IMPACT OF THE ACHIEVEMENT OF OBJECTIVES ON STRATEGIC AMBITION: personal development has a ere strong impact on my strategic ambition. In the start I need development in these areas, planning skills, operational skills, result oriented skills, problem solving skills, self-responsibility skills. I learn these skills through seminars, diplomas, conferences and meetings, now I am able to apply all these in the development and betterment of organization.

In the start I was not confident enough to handle critical situation or to solve problems and was not so good in planning, but after learning personal development plan I am very confident in handling my problems and it also improve my ability of planning. This improvement helps me to achieve my strategic ambitions, goals and objectives. My strategic goal is to become the general manager of Tests in the next three years, and I make some objectives to achieve this ambition, in frozen food department making 8 percent profit in 12 months, I am focusing on this objective to achieve my career goals, such as I am introducing new packages, making more trust worthy for customers, motivating the employers through rewards, bounces and packages, so they work hard and brings out good results.

My next aim is to provide them best quality food product in less price in next 6 month, to achieve his I am looking new contact, cheap labor,(TESTS, 2010) If I will be able to achieve these goals it will be very helpful to achieve my strategic goals and ambitions. REVIEW AND UPDATE THE LEADERSHIP PLAN: It’s helpful to review where you are in term of progress, are all the development needs met? Have all the development objectives been achieved? Have all the outcomes being assessed? Has the impact on strategic ambition been evaluated? , it may be that one or more of the above point are still outstanding or there may have been new development needs identified or development objectives formulated? CM, 2011) Review and update are very important because of these two steps we are able to assess how much I have done and how much I have to do?

I t also gives a clear analysis that how many objectives have been achieved and how many are still remaining? I reviewed everything I had a meeting after every three weeks with my supervisors to check the performance of the supervisors as they have their check sheets and progress sheets with them. Those sheets clearly explain and highlight their performance and rate of progress. Those sheets also explain that how much is left and how much needs to be done? Through those sheets I can easily understand the weakness of the organization and of the supervisors comes out as well, with this I am able to understand the strong points of the organization and that of the supervisors that needs to be appreciated so that the performance can be improved.

I have spent a lot of time on seminars, meeting and conferences. Through those meetings I have found my weak points that are still in the organization where I have more work; It also gives a review that how much I spent for study, meetings and seminars. It also gives a review of progress after every 4 weeks. I am also reviewing he file of every employer after every 6 months and updated it. After every 6 months I strategic goals and ambition of the organization. THE IMPACT OF COOPERATE COMMITMENT TO STAFF WAFER ON ORGANIZATION OBJECTIVE: The occupational Safety & Health Administration, through it Voluntary Protection Programs (APP), set high standard for companies.

The challenge and the reward, is to have safe working environment, that not only meet government standards, but also exceed them to the point that your company ‘safety program can be self-sustaining and become a model for your industry, (Phillip. Retractile, 2008), mom companies aim to use their cultural commitment as a way of being socially responsible. What is important to them is positive image transfer and improved attractiveness as an employer. They also believe it improves investor attitudes, cooperate leaders here have a high level of cultural skills. Motivating their own staff is paramount, commercial aims and communications are less important. Zurich, Munich, 2004) Tests gives a nice and attractive package foe their employers, including numerous options related to medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs coverage. They also provide life insurance packages with special packages. All of these packages are on the behalf of the organization and that can create a great impact on the organizational objectives as for example the workers feel safe at work places, they are confident as well and also they utilize all of their potential to give an excellent result because they know that if they have any injury at work place they can get a good medical coverage without any cost. They also have 20 percent discount on everything.

After getting so much benefits the employers think that if they are getting so many benefits then they should utilize extra effort to get organizational objectives and also hose things motivates me because I am feeling secure at work place as I am getting full medical coverage and discount and special packages as well. O once in the last year I have some hearing problem and company paid for that. I get the full treatment without any cost. That is main reason I am paying my full potential in order to achieve organizational objectives so that I can achieve my own assigned goals. HOW A STAFF WELFARE ENVIRONMENT CAN AFFECT ACHIEVEMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVES: If there is dissatisfaction at work, then definitely there are many circumstances of lower production rates at work places.

So they managers and the leaders of the organization must consider the factors that might be responsible for the dissatisfaction of the employers at work, and also sort out those factors in order to reduce those factors so that the production rates can be raised again. If I defined the satisfaction at work it means, attitude towards the work environment, salary and relationship with their colleagues, Job security, grievance handling, performance appraisal, quality policies, career counseling and so on. The most important factor that must be considered for the employee satisfaction, work environment: work environment is the atmosphere to which the employee is actually exposed. This constitutes a major portion of the influence on the employees.

This typically includes the quantum of work allotted, nature and complexities, system cordial relationship in the department can help out in order to achieve organizational ambitions and objectives. Relationship with colleagues: In order to achieve good environment it is important to create friendly and better understanding and relationship with colleagues. Good relationships with the employees at work can help to enhance stability and confidence among themselves hat contributes to the security and improves overall performance. Motivation and Recognition: If I want to explain the performance of any employee, it is actually the ability to utilize their abilities to achieve planned strategic organizational goals and objectives.

Motivation is a source to handle management, which shows that every human being earnestly seeks a secure, friendly and supportive relationship that gives him a sense of warmth and recognition in groups that are most important to him. Salary: It is the most important part related to the employee’s satisfaction. If the employee is satisfied with his salary, then they will show more patience and will work with more consideration and effort. In Tests I am satisfied all these things, work environment, salary, relationship, Job security, performance appraisal, this is the safe, welfare environment that put great effect to achieve organizational objectives.

THE INFLUENCE OF A COOPERATE COMMITMENT STAFF WELFARE ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATION VALUES: Employee’s commitment to their work teams and to the organization can influence turnover, willingness to help co-workers and team performance. Building employee commitment to the work place is one important goal of human resource policies and practices, commitment has a positive effect on productivity, turnover and employees willingness to help co-workers, commitment to a team may translate into willingness to help team members, and improved team performance, low level of commitment to both the organization, and the team, have been linked to absenteeism, turnover and intention to quit.

Employers believe team can enhance productivity while giving employees a more active role in decision-making and a greater opportunity to be involved in meaningful work. But team success is often dependent on high levels of employee commitment to both the organization and its goals. In Tests they commitment for medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. The company provides life insurance coverage, with group rates on any additional insurance an employee may need, employee discounts these all the things influence positively for the development of organizational values that is why I am working hard, and paying more intention on the betterment of the organization and at the end this will achieve organizational objectives and also develop the organizational values.

CONCLUSION: At the end it is concluded that the given assignment explains the strategic direction of the organization and it also evaluate the strategic skills that are required by any organization in order to achieve the goals and ambitions of the organization. The given assignment also analyze the existing skills and also position the skills and helps to develop the skills required by the organization. It also help to sketch the organization plan for the next 5 years. It also discusses the ways to improve the environmental condition and discuss how a staff welfare environment can affect reports commitment to staff welfare on the development of organizational values.

REFLECTIVE STATEMENT: After learning 7001 1 know I am able to know I am able to know what is strategic direction and I am also able to know what are personal skills and through the SOOT analysis I am able to understand the weakness in my personality and on which I have to concentrate more, I am also able to understand what are the main policies that are very important to achieve the required goal and ambitions. I learned these skills through through training, education, meetings, seminars etc. Now I am able to review ND update the existing and required skills. I am able to know about the vision statement of my organization and mission of organization and see the strategic direction of the organization at first I am not be able to do all this but after study this section I am in this position I make strategic plan I am able to evaluate myself and also effectiveness of leadership.