Sturdivant Electric Corporation

This particular case presented a conflict within the organization, Sturdiness Electric Corporation dealing with three men; Johnson, Eden and Abram. This corporation was a large manufacturer of electrical equipment for Industry, the armed services and the consumer and generally, these electronics division specialized in radar and all types of communications equipment. It also describes that this group had a field test facility at U. S. Which purpose was to conduct performance tests on missile guidance system. Organizationally, the three people AY Abram, Bill Eden and

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Harris Johnson are the employees that worked in the test facility focusing on the digital computer. Sturdiness had prepared the performance specification for the computer, for It was the only major piece of equipment not designed and built by the company. In terms of their assigned tasks, AY Abram was the Sturdiness Electrics chief programmer who was making preparation of the special operating system of the computer while Bill Eden was the superior of AY Abram and the computer project engineer. Den’s task was to review the design of the operating system and compare It to the specification. Finally, there was Harris Johnson who was the

Sturdiness test facility supervisor who reported directly to the manager of the mêlées control department at corporate headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, in terms of their potential sources of power, it may have been originated from their position in this company but their personal background of previous experiences as well. Analysis demonstrates that Bill Eden graduated from college majoring in electrical engineering following the Korean War, which he served as a first-class petty officer. In addition, he was In charge of a group preparing technical manuals in large West Coast aircraft manufacturer.

Now. Performing good exults with Sturdiness and doing an excellent job of coordinating the many system functions assigned to him, his power may have come mainly from his job performance while making him an achievement driven person. In the case of AY Abram, he has great pride in his accomplished work and is revealed as a very intelligent person. Not only he worked in three distinct fields: accounting teaching, and engineering but he was also Involved In various jobs such as test planning engineer, teaching electronics, accountant, and performed In various positions with different companies.

Moreover, it states that AY Abram was the only member of the Sturdiness computer staff who had been through the entire training program. Therefore, his power came from his previous Jobs, and his accomplishments in his work. Finally, Harris Johnny’s power mainly originated from the position he stands In the company. His role as a test facility supervisor not only gave him the authority but great responsibility as well.

In terms of Johnson, he was more emotionally stable In contrast to the other two and was seen more of a supportive person where he tried to resolve the relationship between Abram and Eden with his communication skills listening openly and sending convincing message. . Given the fact of their roles in organization, it reveals that Abram had problems with Eden and that their relationship was difficult. The primary conflict was that they both had different perception and they both had their Individual differences. The biggest arguments judgment on his work and that Eden constantly interrupted of his work.

However, on Den’s perspective, he believed that he was fulfilling his appointed task and that he was trying to be considerate. Just by looking at their personalities, it reveals that Abram is more of a logical and an assertive person where Eden on the other hand as more of openly aggressive and a commanding person. Although, both of these men had confidence in their work, high conscientiousness meaning that they took great responsibility for their personal performance and initiative but they weren’t really emotionally connected meaning that they had low emotional awareness and no credibility in their relationship. . Another principal flaw attributed to its problem and relationship besides power and politics is their management style. Given the fact that these both individuals were aggressive and self-confident, Eden should have been more emotional and empathic dealing with Abram. Usually, people with self- confidence see them as efficient and is able to take on challenges and perform well on their Jobs. In addition, they stand by their decision in which Abraham’s case he was very cautious of his work.

Even though, that they had their individual difference, if Eden was able to approach him with emotional awareness, the conversation could have gone much smoothly. Yet, there might have been a flaw with the management style of Eden, but Abram should have been a more open person. Given the fact that Eden was his supervisor, he should have given him respect and also kept his motions to himself instead of acting outrageous making situations even more complex. 4.

According to the case, the situation in Sturdiness seems not only complex but chaotic considering that Abram no longer feels to serve his duties to this organization and finalizing his decision to leave the company. Being in this type of situation, Johnson needs to act quickly by using his social skills and emotional intelligence to somehow gather Abram, Eden in the same room. In case of Johnson, he does possess empathy and somewhat trustworthiness so he should incorporate those skills and focus to ease the intense atmosphere. Once Johnson puts Abram and Eden in the room, the primary focus would be then is to make these two communicate.

Johnny’s duty at this point is help them to become emotionally stable which Abram lacks on most. From then on, the best way to approach this type of issue is applying the conflict management, where they can negotiate and resolve disagreement. The key aspect to this negotiation would be is to listen, and trying to understand the others’ point of view. First, when emotions are calm, it would be easier for them to express their feelings and opinion. Also, Eden should show willingness to work things out by talking over the issue rather than escalating it with ore aggression.

In the process, Eden should state his point of view in neutral language rather than argumentative tone. By doing so, both Eden and Abram can try to find equitable ways to resolve the dispute; working together to find a resolution both sides can embrace. Clearly, when each individual has self-control over themselves, they will have the competence of managing their impulsive feelings and distressing emotions well. In addition, they will stay composed, positive and open. Moreover, this will allow them to think clearly, stay focused under pressure and anticipate better.