Suggesting a reward system

The report consist of definition of rewards and reward systems, will explain the two major type i. e. financial and non financial rewards with the further examples of the most common forms of these rewards that an employee gets or is likely to get in an organization. After the definitions of reward systems and forms the report concludes the benefits of these rewards from the organization prospective and the employee prospective in the form of a figure with the process through which the organizations come to adjust people with the pay they will get.

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The report contains understandings that were obtained after interviewing the manager and the analysis of the organization’s present reward system and on the basis of which the report concludes the findings and suggests some modifications if necessary for the reward system of the organization. Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, (AKUH) started operations in 1985, as an integrated, hearth care delivery component of Aga Khan University; it has contributed a lot to provide Pakistan with quality health treatment.

Aga Khan University Hospital is ISO 9002 Certified organization, which means it has maintained the standard which is acceptable around the world. The Aga Khan Hospital is at present employer of 3,750 employees of different levels, and has an effective reward system for their employees through these rewards they are keeping them motivated and efficient. Human resource management department of Aga Khan Hospital is located in the black office where they conduct all their activities of HRM.

Interview was conducted on March 2, 2003, recent visits were made but obtaining the appointment was necessary for interviewing. Person Interviewed Dr. S. A. Nasir Shah Family Physician, was a student of Aga Khan University, and he has been with the AKUH since last ten years. Summary of personal observation Through the interview and overall observation of the organization it can be said that Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has a very effective and efficient reward system for their employees of all level.

Their highest reward which is offered to their most important personnel Dr. Shamsh Qasim Lakha president Aga Khan University is a salary approximately Rs. 600,000, a house with all charges for example bills and repairs free, a car, medical expense, driver, cook, holiday package, travel allowance. They offer salary on the average Rs. 44,000 and paid holidays plus one thousand rupees medicines quota for a month free to their overall middle level employees who are young doctors who have cleared their FCPS and are offered a job and also middle managers of different departments.

Their lower level employees for example janitors ward boys etc mostly work on daily wages base, these employees are not provided with any other benefits even not paid holidays, not only the lower level employees work on the daily wages bases but also doctors which are not offered a permanent job in AKUH but they were the students of the same university, these doctors are also not getting any other benefits than money, although, they get more money than Janitors etc. approximately Rs. 28,000 but still they are not provided with other benefits.

Conclusion Aga Khan University Hospital constitutes of about 3,750 employees with different levels of work and techniques of work, belonging to different cultures including foreign cultures like Canada, USA, England etc. still overall AKUH is running a very intelligent and efficient reward system; it has been successful in keeping its employees motivated and efficient in their work. This is obvious through the standards that they have maintained throughout since 1985 till now. By now they have a very mature system of their activities at all levels.