Suitable working condition for every staff

As mentioned above in the business performance check we can clearly see that issues arising through staff are one which are affecting the performance of the business, some of the problems include staff turnover which is 58%, lack of training and development programme, lack of staff facilities which affecting the guest directly as the staff is de-motivated even if he has skills he is not going to perform to his ability and major problem is the management which lacks in leadership qualities and the way to handle employees.

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Discrimination and unfair practice of rewards has brought differences in staff and conflict due to different culture has discouraged people to work as a team and has resulted in underperformance. According to Maslow. A( 1943 ) human needs are never satisfied, human are motivated when there needs are satisfied and needs has been classified by Maslow into a pyramid shaped as follows.

Diagram taken from (www. abraham-maslow. com). But some of the problem faced by this model is that all the need s are required by the individuals and in practical life in an organization it is quite difficult to meet all the needs as it is not possible to satisfy all the stages of needs, but could be improvise by giving priority to needs and implementing them.

As from the above theory stated by Maslow it can be clearly seen that most of needs in our organization are not fulfilled because of which our staff is not motivated which is affecting hotel business, one of the problem can be related is staff acknowledgement as it is very low if we refer back to the business performance check where the average rating is 4 which clearly indicates that most of the staff are not recognized for there contribution towards work and don’t receive fair rewards in terms of bonuses and increment. It is recommended that staff should be acknowledged from time to

Time for there regular inputs and it should be done by the manager in personal which will feel special to them and more valuable in the organization and it has been proved by the Hawthorne effect (1927-1932) that attention=productivity. 2. 2) High Staff turnover which has led to inconsistent service standard and lack of team work. According to the article published in big hospitality web site which says that staff turnover can be reduce by motivation and training therefore by using Adams equity theory we may try to resolve problem.

According to Adams (1965) he suggested that give and take in an organization should be done at equal level such as efforts = rewards which also means inputs=outputs, which means that employee should get reward according to his hard work and sincerity he is putting into his job. As below is the Adams equity model which clearly shows the why there is high staff turnover in Boundary hotel as if now.

As from the above Adams equity model as illustrated in the context to boundary hotel it showing that even if the employees are giving 100% inputs but the output is not equal to it which is a danger sign for the organization in terms of retention of employees and because of which they are facing problem of high staff turnover so it is recommended that managers should introduced timely reward programme where a employee is being rewarded for his work and effort, it can be pay and bonuses or perks or any other benefits which will fulfill employee needs by giving such acknowledgement to the employee he will feel special and more effort would put into the work and this would result in healthy and suitable working condition for every staff.